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  by croberts134
Passing through West 4th the other night I noticed a sign on the downtown BDFV platform that said "A C E S" trains were available upstairs. I've never noticed that before and I was wondering if there were ever S trains at West 4th (when and to/from where?) or if the sign was just bad?

A search of the internet doesn't seem to turn up anything.
  by oknazevad
At various points during the Manhattan Bridge rehab work, they ran shuttles to Grand Street. At certain points, the shuttles went to W 4th. St. The full timeline is here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Street_Shuttle.
  by Kamen Rider
the houston street line has been home to so many shuttles it' not funny.
  by Gerry6309
The "Aqueduct Special" was also an S (S = Special, SS = Shuttle) back in the double letter days. The "Train to the Plane" would also have been an "S" but had its own "bullet" a white jet on a light blue background.