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  by mc367
Here's a good question. Where do you do most of your railfanning? You can usally find me in the middle of no where, trackside on the Montreal, Maine & Atlantic's Moosehead Sub. Vary scenic area, And lots of hike in shots.
-Justin Franz

  by Railpac
Here in St. Louis, MO, I railfan at MP 12.5 on the BNSF River Sub to Memphis. This is 3/4 mile from my house and I can get there in 5-7 mins if I really try. The River Sub sees between 10-15 trains a day, so usually I'll catch at least one, although I have seen 2 trains running just 20 mins behind eachother (this is a single track line). You can see some of my photography from this location by going to my website 'St. Louis Railfanning' (link below) and clicking on the photo section.

  by TAMR213
Anywhere in the NYC metro area. But especially the one of the buisiest sections of the nec, which just so happens to be directly behind my house. :D :wink:
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  by Lehigh Valley Railroad
The BRW is good for me :wink:

I do the Local CSX yard here, The NEC, And venture in Baltimore and WVa sometimes....

  by trainfreak
You can find me at the CSX River Subdivsion (the real Riverline haha john) aka Conrails old Riverline. You can find me anywhere along that line. But when i can i will railfan the NEC usually in Conn. but me and my dad are planning to spend a day at the NEC somewhere in New Jersey.

  by XRails
Amsterdam, NY (at the Amtrak station). Nothing like being at track level while 200+ car freight blows by doing 60-70 mph.

  by Justin B
You can find me lurking along the BNSF Stockton sub and the UP Fresno sub.

Someone has to represent Cali here :wink:

  by RR_Fan
I usually railfan in PA along the Reading and Northern Railroad or the NS Reading and Harrisburg Lines.

Take Care.

  by mc367
Justin B wrote:You can find me lurking along the BNSF Stockton sub and the UP Fresno sub.

Someone has to represent Cali here :wink:
Must be nice to railfan in sunny California. Big diffrence from sunny beaches of Southern Cal, to the Icy North woods of Maine. But there is one plus, Plow Trains!, Chasing a Plow Train, Now thats a SPORT. :wink:
-Justin Franz

  by XRails
I'd get tired of all that sun myself. But, you guys have a year-long sailing season :) . I'm on the varsity sailing team at school. When we train at the US Coast Guard Academy facilities in New London I get in some aquatic railfanning. We sail on the Thames River, upriver from the bridges, if you know what I'm talking about. We get the P&W on the eastern bank, NEC on the western side running right across the waterfront, and Amtrak going over the bridge. Trains come pretty frequently at the time we sail at. My crews always get annoyed when I become transfixed by the passing train and forget that I'm running a race ("would you shut up about the damn ACELA!")! All of our shorline venues are nice because we are always in sight of the Amtrak/SLE route. A great combination of both my hobbies for sure.

  by bar358
I railfan about the same area as Justin, the Montreal, Maine & Atlantic's Moosehead sub and the old B&A Southern Divison. I also spend some time on the Eastern Maine RR and will some times venture onto the old Northern Division of the B&A. (Squa Pan, Maine south to Searsport/Bucksport, Maine) On a side note I had my first day of Sailing practice today.

  by NsNscalerailfaN
Around Hagerstown, Md. often, sometimes Enola or Cumberland.....Every now and then Baltimore, but often Shenandoah, Jct. WvA.

  by MBTA F40PH-2C 1050
i go and watch on the NEC and at local stations on the line,...most of the time i can be found at Attleboro, Ma. station :D

  by SeldenJrFireman
LIRR Mile marker 56, Ronkonkoma yard, and Port Jeff yard.

Here are some of my pics.


The first 5 and last two are out at MM56

  by Fla East Coast Chris
I visit Florida East Coast Mile Post 345 to about Mile Post 308.
Also CSX Mile Post 1018 to Mile Post 982 in Florida. Also Tri Rail and Amtrak.