Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by F40
As Trainmaster5 noted, some employees who work for the railroad (even those not yet, but aspiring-to-be engineers) and know about the subways hold the railroad in higher esteem. Metro-North and the LIRR have some of the best contracts in the country as well. (Is this true more for MNRR?)
  by pc motorman
DO NOT LEAVE THE LIRR for MTA subways..its a world of difference for the worse
I did 30 yrs in the subway. I loved the job, but The MTA treats its employees like S--- !
There is no way I would leave LIRR for MTA.
You will be on the extra list for a good 5 yrs. at present.
I tried many years ago to get on the LI after 6 years with MTA and once your tainted by the city they want nothing to do with you.
A well qualified supervisor(instructor) tried also and they turned him down.
Far more money in the LIRR. go into engine service when u can.
MTA motorman, $27. hr, LI Engineer, $36hr might be more by now.
Potential to make over 100K yr without cracking a sweat.
You studied hard to be a AC why the hell bail now? Go for Engineer..
Your RR pension does not carry over to NYC. so thats time u wasted.
Talk to all your co-workers and some long time motormen in the city before u make a rash choice that you'll be sorry for after its too late.
If you do leave the LIRR for the city, call me so I can bat you over the head!

Good Luck,

motorman Pete
  by NYCrails
I know a couple of TO' s and a couple of Engineers.One of my good buddies is a road foreman with the LIRR. If you leave the RR for transit have your head checked out the minute you leave Livingston st.The pension ,pay and benefits are like night and day.There are people I know who would kill to be a AC.Getting in the LIRR or MNRR is just as hard as trying to get in the Dept of Sanitation.But most important just as some other posters have said ,whatever makes you happy.