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General discussion about the RAILROAD.NET site, forums, or content ONLY. Please do not post your general railroading questions, please choose an appropriate forum. For help using the site, please post in the Help Using RAILROAD.NET Forum.

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  by CN9634
Why are all topics about rumors closed?
I mean rumors are just that rumors but sometimes they actually turn into something sometimes they don't. Also its a good way to hear the CORRECT version of a story. I've seen posts that are rumors but don't contain the word "Rumor" in it, yet they haven't been locked. Nothing against you moderaters but due to the recent closing of topics that say "blah blah blah Rumor", I've decided to post on Trains.com. And you know what. Theres no problems with it AND I usually learn the truth. Isn't that what we are all here to find out, the truth about our beloved railroads (Not truth like they're creepy or anything :wink:).
Now, please don't lock this topic and let peoples opinions about this delicate subject be heard. I bet you we can all learn something from this topic and make our beloved forums a better place :-D

Charles H.

  by Otto Vondrak
Most likely that is my work. If you have some specific questions about a specific thread, send me a PM and we can talk about it.

Rumors are a waste of time.... because they are rumors! If someone indeed has the "correct" story, then they should post it in a new thread. There is nothing preventing anyone from posting the real story, or at least one with more factual basis. The "rumor" threads usually spiral into wild railfan speculations that have no root in fact.


  by Noel Weaver
Rumors are "bullshit" and that is what they were considered on the real
railroad and for many years at that. They are not worth more than ten
cents if that and basically a waste of time.
The two worst items on any of the forums here are rumors and fantasies
where somebody wants to do something that just is not possible. When
somebody with actual experience states that something is either difficult
and expense or simply not possible, somebody who knows little or nothing
about it starts arguing about it, a total waste of space and time.
Noel Weaver


  by henry6
R&F: rumors and fantasies can cause many problems. There could be legal reprcussions in some instances, a good thing to avoid. Aside from that, professional railroaders get a bad impression of railfans and then do not take us seriously, even thinking we are ones to be avoided for all reasons and all costs; see: foamers. Another is just plain passing of misleading and incorrect information which can lead to problems of credability and mistrust of us. Then there are those who will go away with the wrong impression or understanding of railroading as a profession and as a hobby; see: media.

  by Otto Vondrak
Rumors are just that. Some railfans will post a rumor unwillingly, because they hear a rumor from a railroader! A good example are rumors regarding possible mergers and buyouts.

Regarding "fantasies" there are some railfans that ask legitimate questions regarding services and rail lines they want to learn more about. Whether it's a long-abandoned rail line, and a seemingly logical extension of an existing service. Where it gets bad, as Noel noted, is when the academic answer is given (no traffic, no funds, no market, etc.), and the discussion spirals out of control with counter-points.

Take it all with a grain of salt. There is no black and white answer for anything.


  by powerpro69
Rumors are a waste of time.... because they are rumors!

The Railroad couldn't function without rumours, without rumours, it would be so damn boring that everyone would quit and go join some other old womens club!

  by Otto Vondrak
There's a fine line between thoughtful speculation, wild rumors, and outright fantasy and myth. Just recently, we had a new communitu member post to one of our boards about a particular roundhouse he was interested in. He asked a series of normal questions, and then began to position himself as if he was connected to a benefactor who was going to restore the ruined building. Repeated requests for full disclosure only angered him until it came out he had no such benefactor and was merely looking to start-up a grassroots movement to save the roundhouse. We went from thoughful speculation to a full blown lie in less than a week...

... so if you're going to post a speculation, don't be upset if someone asks for some facts to back you up.


There is a difference, about rumors, on the railroad (we tend to believe none of what we hear, and half of what we see),and the ones we see here. (being on the job, you can relate those funny rail-rumors, in the context of work. ("I heard that the UP is going to make road conductors, start wearing passenger style uniforms." Really, it's true!!!) "I heard a rumor, that for every post you make, you earn one mile, on your RR.NET credit card!!!!" Otto or Mike, might verify that....... :P Rumors, don't help to educate, and some poor folks believe them to be truths. They then go out and repeat those "truths", and nobody benefits from such nonsense. There are a few other forums, where "anything goes", and those places are jungles, filled with lies, delerious fantasies, and endless flame wars. In the end, you come away with nothing, from those places. I myself "mentioned" a FM loco, hidden underground, on this forum, in response to some folks who were playing around with that subject. A "photo" of the unit surfaced. Some folks actually wanted to dig it up, or order the NS to allow them to do it. It was done in jest, with others clearly having fun as well, but a couple of guys thought it was the real deal. Fantasy, and rumors, unfortunately, fuel the minds of trolls, foamers and the uninformed, who treat them as the Gospel. I enjoy this place, for the ability to take home accurate info, when I need it. I would bet, I'm not alone in that. Just my opine, yours may vary widely......... :-D