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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by Charlie Monte Verde
Hello All-

I am looking for a small indicator light fixture for a push button signal box I have. The box is from Phelps Jct., and guarded the crossing of the PRR line to Sodus (Northern Central) and the NYC Auburn Road. I have one of the fixtures, and want the other for perhaps some sort of live demonstration or museum piece. I may eventually give this to the Chapter, but it's my baby right now and I'm just trying to get it together. I contacted and am waiting to hear back from the Falls Road C&S department, as they are always rebuilding antiquated crossings on its length. As push button boxes go this is a neat piece, and I want to get it as close to what it was as is possible. Any help or redirect is much obliged. I have no public forum for the pictures, someone who has one let me know, and I'll send them to you and we can get them up on this Topic.


  by bingdude
If you can't find what you need from the C&S guys, send me a pic and I'll look around. Buttons, switches and lights are getting to be hard to come by these days. Are there any marks/numbers on it? That will help.

  by scharnhorst
Is this device anything like a cross walk signal? with 4 lights on it that set the signals in red to warn on comeing trains of anouther crossing the dimond? If this is what your talking about you may have some luck contacting CP Rail as they have something like this still in use on some of there branch lines in Southern Ontario.

  by Charlie Monte Verde
I really need to post these pictures! I'll try to today. It doesn't sound like what you're mentioning about CP there, but thanks for your input regardless

  by Charlie Monte Verde
Actually you may be on to something, it guarded the PRR and NYC diamonds. Push the button, the signal dropped and you were free and clear. Hmm...

  by scharnhorst
I've seen them befor on CP Rail but they use 4 lights in there box. They the CP crew first stop there train a few yards from the dimond a crew men gets off the train walks to the dimond and looks for on comeing trains. He/she then gos to the box unlocks it and pushs a Red Button which dropes the signals there are 4 towers 2 to the east and 2 to the West in this process the to farthest towers call them T1W and T1E go Yellow leting on comeing CN trains know to stop at towers T2W and T2E All 4 lights in the process both towers T1W and T2E go Red as well once all 4 towers read red the signal box will light up leaveing all 4 lights lit in the box all 4 lights have to be lite in the box befor the CP Train to cross the CN dimond. Once the CP Crosses the Dimond a Crew men once again must get off the train and walk back to the box and reset the signals by pushing a Green Button which restors all 4 CN Signal towers to Green. The signals are on a Defalt they stay red till the Green Button is pushed this is a safty incase a problum should should comeing up on a CP Train half way across the dimond.

One video that shows this is Canadian Crossroads made by Trains Magazine its part of there On Location Video Series.

  by roadster
I saw a simular device on CSX in Miami while working there. CSX main crossed FEC main by 79th st., Hialeah. If the dispatcher could not giver a signal a conductor would go the the control box and wiat 5 minutes then push a button, and permissive signal would come in in about 2 minutes. Timetable special instructions gave instruction for the operation of this control. I dought it would match anything from 40 plus years ago tho.