• LRV 3424 in North Station Superstation

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Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.

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  by caduceus
Caught a surprise as I came upstairs at North Station this afternoon - LRV 3424 parked on the upper level! It is at the Haymarket end, with the end just visible. Single car.

Looks like the work this past weekend was connecting the new rails to some switches.

  by efin98
not surprising there, they didn't have that scheduled so they had to have done the connections over the weekend. Great surprise though, I hope it's still there tomorrow when I take my last ride on the train.

  by CSX Conductor
Efin, last ride?

  by efin98
Hmm, might have come out wrong. My last ride on the North Station El, since I probably won't have another chance to ride the line until later on this summer after the line has closed.

Anyway, the first train on the new section of track is a great sign. The closure and reopening to North Station should be smoother now that the line was closed and the connection was made before the summer rush in Boston.

  by Robert Paniagua
Well I'm hoping that I get to hitch a ride on the Old Causeway St. El befoure it comes down, but I'll have to obtain my photo ID so that I can take film out front, and I should be in business hoepfully.

As for the 3424, I think it might be turned into or just used for work car service.

  by CSX Conductor
I know that it was on another thread, but when is the changing from old to new stations? last revenue date for lechmere el?

  by jwhite07
June 19.

  by CSX Conductor
Thanks Jonathon

  by jrc520
I'll have a picture of it taken today up shortly :-D

  by jrc520
here you go:


  by Xplorer2000
Is it just the camera angle, or does that look like an awfully tight fit in there for that car???

  by jrc520
it's a tight fit. but, there is a bunch of junk that makes it so, like the fence, and some boxes and whatnot.

  by octr202
I spotted it this morning -- still sitting there just barely into the station. Can anyone who's ridden the GL between Haymarket and North Station confirm if there are switches in place to the superstation leads, or did they do a temporary cutover to let the LRV in? I would assume its being left there to test track, catenary and clearances before the superstation opens, but is it now isolated there until the final trackwork is done?

  by jack615
I rode the green line there last week and saw that car also, and it definately seems like work is being made on that spot to have green line cars be relocated to the new superstation, but not totally sure if there are already switches there for cars to get into the station. But this is exciting news because the big changeover is soon!


  by Stephen
There are no switches in place, so the LRV must have gotten there via a temporary cut-over.