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  by glennk419
It's been reported that the CMSL did not finish its' weekday schedule through August and apparently has not run since the "Thomas" weekends. I also saw one report of some damage to M407 as it sits by the crossing at Rio Grande.

Does anyone know what might be going on?

  by glennk419
From a few other posts, apparently the phone mesaage has been updated to state that all train service is suspended until further notice. Let's hope it's nothing major.

  by JJMDiMunno
Hey guys,
Referencing a topic on SJRA, with some details. Information provided to me by CMSL sources is below:

--- In [email protected], "Jeff" <[email protected]> wrote:
> We got down to the station in Cold Springs and I went to purchase
> tickets. The man there said the CMSL wasn't running because vandals
> had broken out the windows on the RDC and they were still waiting for
> replacement windows to arrive. It was very dissapointing that someone
> would do that and ruin not only historical equipment, but also an
> easy way to commute along the shore.

Yes, this is the story with the CMSL at this time. Vandalism again...this is not the first bout the Seashore Lines has had with vandalism...the last round involved much graffiti sprayed upon those URHS coaches they have on the property...

Which, I'm told they may have been damaged in the latest round also...some windows on additional coaches were supposidly broken also, say some CMSL sources...

I'm told that regular service for the rest of the season is annulled at this time. The Halloween and Santa trains are an exception...they will run as scheduled.

That's all I've got at this time.

Mike DiMunno
www.SJRail.com: All about South Jersey Railroads!

  by glennk419
Thanks Mike. This stuff boils my blood. One has to wonder if it's just the local delinquents or something more sinister bordering on harassment. Maybe it's time to get those tracks fixed and move the equipment to less sinister surroundings in Tuckahoe.

  by kevikens
I am not familiar with that area. Is there someting"sinister" about Cape May ? I always thought of the Jersey Shore as as a friendly and safe place. What is it about Tucahoe that makes it a better place to store equipment ?

  by glennk419
Cape May City is a beautiful and safe area, as is the majority of Cape May County. CMSL's current base of operations is in Rio Grande near the intersection of Rts 47 and 9. It is a bustling area with a lot of development currently going on and a far cry from downtown Cape May. Unfortunately this is not the first time the CMSL has suffered some significant vandalism at this location. Tuckahoe is a sleepy little village somewhat off the beaten path with a rich railroad past that would be a seemingly safer place to store historical equipment. The down side is that it is outside of the current area of operations and would require a long deadhead move to get to Cape May Courthouse. Hopefully the CMSL will eventually extend its' operations northward which would put Tuckahoe closer to the center of the railroad. In the meantime, we can only hope that stepped up patrols by the PD in light of the vandalism along with some measures to better protect the equipment will prevent future problems.

  by hutton_switch
Being a fan of the CMSL, it makes me heartsick to see that this has happened. But I know that the CMSL will rebound.

As a member of the DC Chapter, NRHS, I have followed the travels of their restored historic Pullman car, the Dover Harbor, over the years. A couple of years ago, it likewise was the recipient of vandalism but not on a scale like what happened to the CMSL RDCs. The vandalism the Dover Harbor received was only graffiti paint, which was difficult to remove. For years, the Dover Harbor has been stored on a siding at the junction with Bowie, MD on the NE Corridor. The vandalism led the DC Chapter to erect chain link fencing with barbed wire at the top to prevent vandals and trespassers away from the Dover Harbor. Though it would cost a good amount, I might recommend the same thing for the CMSL at their equipment depot.

  by glennk419

  by DougD
Some good news though!
Marquee on CMSL website updated the 15th says:
"Coming Soon...... Expanded Passenger Operations!!!!!!! Watch this site for information....."

Looks like service from Tuckahoe to Richland is going to start.


  by glennk419
Some additional thoughts and pictures from the NJ Railfan board...


  by chuchubob
DougD wrote:Some good news though!
Marquee on CMSL website updated the 15th says:
"Coming Soon...... Expanded Passenger Operations!!!!!!! Watch this site for information....."

Looks like service from Tuckahoe to Richland is going to start.

Vineland Daily Journal, earlier this week:

Staff Writer
[email protected]

BUENA VISTA -- The township is getting $500,000 from the state Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to bolster ongoing efforts to redevelop its historic Richland Village section.

The money will be used to construct a railroad siding and platform for passenger train service, which will begin next month between the township and Tuckahoe, according to Mayor Chuck Chiarello. Some of the funds also are for renovating the exterior of a building to be used as a visitors center and model railroad display.

The township had sought $777,000 from the CRDA. On Tuesday, the agency's board unanimously voted to grant $500,000.

"This is a great day for us," said Chiarello, who attended the meeting with a handful of Richland Village business owners and other interested residents. "We had a good feeling about it."

The grant, which will be available in about 90 days, brings to $2 million the total of state and federal money received so far to restore Richland Village.

"The things we're doing with Richland Village will have a positive economic impact on the whole township," Chiarello said. "We're continuing to research everything we can apply for grant-wise."

Township Administrator Ron Trebing said the municipality awaits word on $1.5 million in pending federal and state grant applications to add additional sidewalks, build a train station and help construct the 2.5-acre Sawmill Park near Richland General Store on Route 40.

Chiarello said the township's Public Works Department is busy constructing a temporary parking lot for passengers to use when the limited rail service begins Oct. 15. It will have room for up to 100 cars.

"We expect to have more information within the next week about the train service," Chiarello said. "It'll be three times a day each Saturday beginning Oct. 15, go through Dec. 17 and then resume in the spring."

The funds are part of a larger focus by the CRDA on rail-related projects. Last month, the agency authorized $1.75 million for freight line improvements in Salem County.

  by rrbluesman
CMSL's website reports that begining on the 15th that passenger trains will begin runing between Richland and Tuckahoe. Richland puts them closer and closer to Winslow Junction, it'll be nice to see the CMSL get up that far, but what is the continued hil up regarding the runnin of passenger trains between Tuckahoe and the Cape May points? Has the track work been completed to connect the system?


  by glennk419
The trackage between Tuckahoe and Richland (and Winslow) is in fairly good condition and currently rated for 30+ mph running, thanks to its' continued use by CSAO for coal and oil movements to the Beesleys Point Generating Station. Track improvements between Tuckahoe and Woodbine have been made in anticipation of CMSL freight service between those two points but the section between Woodbine and Cape May Court House remains excepted track. Hopefully some of the revenue from the freight operation will be able to fund rehabilitation of the final section, along with some needed TLC on the in-service area between CMCH and Cape May City.

  by JJMDiMunno
Hello everyone,
This is a message sent out of courtesy for members of NJ-ARP and those interested in attending NJ-ARP's meeting which will take place aboard a train excursion between Richland, Tuckahoe, and Woodbine today, October 8, 2005...just a reminder that this event is occuring, and although I personally will not be able to attend, I'd like to encourage everyone who is able to make this event to head down that way in the morning. This is truly a newsworthy and historical day, and I'd like to commend both the Cape May Seashore Lines and NJ-ARP for getting this operation between Tuckahoe and Richland up and running so relatively quickly. Those interested in attending the meeting (which is open to the public, BTW) should refer to the following URL on the NJ-ARP website for details:


I am, however, going to try to make it on Saturday October 15th for the first official CMSL runs between Tuckahoe and Richland (some of the other SJRail.com people will be there, too...you'll be able to notice us by our "SJRail.com" shirts)...and I actually plan to be there for many weekends coming up, as I'm only available until around 12-noon and my time there will be limited...

Take care everyone.

Mike DiMunno
www.SJRail.com: All about South Jersey Railroads!

  by glennk419
Although I was unable to ride due to time constraints, I did make it by Tuckahoe a little after noon last Saturday for the midday arrival from Richland. They were using PRR 7000 this week for power instead of 1523, which was resting on the layoff track. Nice to see them mixing it up a little. Does anyone know if the Santa Trains will run from Tuckahoe as in years past or on the southern end of the line only? I assume they'll be using the F7's along with M407 and one of the other refreshment cars for those trains?