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Discussion about railroad topics everywhere outside of North America.

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  by David Benton
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"TRAIN TRAVEL RULES. In addition to being a wonderfully civilized way to get from here to there, the stations and structures that support railways are often incredible. From ultra-modern, almost futuristic transit hubs to gorgeous historic stations that have been lovingly maintained, all over the world you can find train stations that serve as destinations unto themselves."
  by Benny
About Milano Centrale station, I can tell that it was built In 1932 to substitute a previous one located in what is now Piazza della Repubblica and the initial neoclassic project was adapted to the rationalist design on use at the time.
It has 22 dead end tracks for train calls (the first and last ones shorter than the others) and the parts related with travellers services (ticket selling, waiting rooms, food selling etc.) were modified various times, the last one very dramatically.
It is really interesting with its marbles, sculptures and other architectural elements (although needing better care an cleanliness) but the more interesting part, for me, is what is under the tracks: five or six levels where you can see everything, from service places like the military restroom to old warehouses, from the ancient terminals for fish and quick delivery wagons (that came from the station tracks through elevators) to abandoned rooms in the deeper part that are used by dropouts as recoveries.

It's real that every big station is a separate world, that can be discovered if you the curiosity to go over the trains.

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