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  • Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.
Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by ConstanceR46
While using google earth, i found a trackmobile belonging to one of calverton's industries, so i've been thinkin; did any other companies use industrial engines on LIRR trackage? i know one of the hospitals and dengon had engines for a time.
  by freightguy
I think you can throw Atlas terminal in Queens and Lilco(Long Beach) on the list? I believe the Atlas engine is in front of the mall now in Glendale, Queens.
  by kro52
I believe the Dinky 397 was from Lilco, Long Beach
  by ConstanceR46
The atlas engine made it's way to a trolley museum up north, i think.

397 was only used for a few years by LIPCO - any ideas why it had such a short life before the LIRR grabbed it?
  by ConstanceR46
This is gonna be another one of those threads where i answer my own question - Mods, can you move this to the NYA section?

-Eastern Fence(Calverton): Has a Shuttlewagon
-Prima Asphalt (Holbrook): Has a Trackmobile
(both per google earth)

The short life of 397 can probably be kinda be explained by the circumstances of it's purchase. The plant it most likely served at (Long Beach) was designed for coal, but was apparently re-fueled to either oil or nat. gas, which spelled the end for the large rail infrastructure used to fuel it and possibly 397.
  by DogBert
Both of WM's locations use shuttlewagons. USWX #400 kinda fits the bill too if your definition is loose enough.

There were quite a few small, long forgotten (by most people) harborside railways in Queens and Brooklyn that used industrial locomotives, as well as an aggregates place near bay ridge terminal. Phelps dodge had a narrow gauge network too. BEDT.info is a treasure trove of info.
  by Kelly&Kelly
Constance is correct. LILCO switched to natural gas in 1963/65 with the completion of the Williams pipeline through Long Beach from New Jersey. They kept the coal as a backup for awhile, then stopped maintaining it, relying on fuel oil for a backup. Not sure when they got rid of the switcher and their yard tracks by Austin Boulevard.
  by ConstanceR46
Posillico Brothers operates a TM and possibly a shuttlewagon. I believe Kleet pushes cars with a front-end loader. I guess it's a switcher.
  by freightguy
Might be a reach, First Response Rail used a track mobile in Grand Central Terminal to shuttle around the East Side Access cars on the lower level for the future LIRR service into GCT.