Discussion relating to the operations of MTA MetroNorth Railroad including west of Hudson operations and discussion of CtDOT sponsored rail operations such as Shore Line East and the Springfield to New Haven Hartford Line

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  by ajp
now that the New HAven side is totally replaced, it makes the Harlem/Hudson side pale in comparison
  by mcgrath618
TDowling wrote:Phila 30th street station said goodbye to its solari board and while commuters were sad to see it go they didnt put up a hissy fit.
Have you seen Reddit and or the SEPTA subforum? We were in outrage!
  by radioman2001
The new boards have gone through many evolutions since conception. A lot of back and forth with the Historical Society, and brightness I think was one issue.

Thought that just occurred to me-- will LIRR departures be posted on the boards in the main concourse, or will they only be listed "down below" in the LIRR's sub-sub-basement concourse?

There will MNRR (smaller Kiosk style) boards on or close to entrance/exits of LIRR (maybe platforms?) and same style LIRR boards in MNN space yet to be determined. BTW any boards in GCT have to go through the Historical Society, in LIRR space that's not needed as it it new space.

Personally I love the old flip boards, and they are actually still made by Solari.
  by ajp
I wonder what’s holding up replacing the departure boards
got the Harlem/Hudson lines
  by DutchRailnut
budget maybe , rome was not built in one day.
  by ajp
or the powers that be haven’t made up their minds whether they like the new sign before the 180 day return warranty is up
  by RearOfSignal
All of the information signs at the train gates are supposed to be replaced as well.
  by ajp
now that the big displays are installed and have passed muster with the rr and historical commission
and rearofsignal says the track boards will follow
I wonder of the displays around the subway entrances and tvm lobbies will follow suit?
I was always amused that there was a departure display in
the old Annie Moore’s bar across the street from the Vanderbilt entrance
Don’t know if the new Annie’s was graced the same way
  by GirlOnTheTrain
Why would those little screens need replacing? They have nothing to do with the beat up LCDs that are being replaced in the main concourse... How much fancier does a monitor showing track numbers next to TVMs and outside the subway need to be?
  by ajp
in the grandiose scheme of things as they tout their new new on the go information marketing
there might be some genius or the historical society that wants a unified look
How else can you monetarily justify replacing the track boards that look nowhere as beat up as the replaced big boards
Or is it to change the technology of the segmented display system to just a straight computer generated LCD panel to create one operating system
maybe they get a buy one get one deal from the manufacturer
  by RearOfSignal
The track boards at tracks 115 and 114 have been replaced.

The only gripe I have is the silliness of having 3 New Haven Line departure boards in the terminal, 2 Harlem and 1 Hudson. Especially since now they only show the track for the next 2-3 departing trains. There is no need to show an empty track number for the 12:30 train to New Haven when it's 8:00 in the morning. What would make more sense to me is to have a New Haven, Harlem and Hudson board on each side of the terminal instead of the current configuration.

I believe the reason for the current configuration is that New Haven trains typically depart from the east side of the terminal and the Hudson from the west side, the Harlem line being anywhere in between. But I don't see why that means the departure boards have to be arranged the same way. My $0.02.
  by Jeff Smith
I'd agree; I'd say 1-1-1 for each side. There is definitely not that much need that far in advance.
  by ajp
well now that they are led screens one would think
that the railroad could put any feed into any screen
a question to the experts could the new haven side have
have more old board space because they had more destinations?
  by ExCon90
I think what you'd need to do is go to GCT at the height of the evening peak and note the departure times of the first and last trains shown on the board for each line. You'd need 20 to 30 minutes' worth of departure times visible on the board at one time to provide some reassurance for passengers, particularly those unaccustomed to train travel, particularly rush-hour travel.