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  by Jeff Smith
If you ask me, it's pie-in-the-sky: NBCConnecticut.com
Lamont's Pledge for 30-Minute Express Trains Well-Received

Both Democrats and Republicans are praising Gov. Ned Lamont’s aspiration for rapid train service connecting Hartford to New Haven, New Haven to Stamford, and Stamford to New York City.

“I’m so excited that we have a governor that finally understands the importance of Fairfield County and Metro-North,” said Rep. Laura Devlin, (R – Fairfield). “The economic factor that that could drive and the desirability factor just to get to New York within even an hour from Fairfield, that would provide.”

Lamont made this bold statement during his first address to the people of Connecticut Wednesday: “You know what we do? I believe in the 30/30/30 – I want the following to be a reality: 30 minutes from Hartford to New Haven; 30 minutes from New Haven to Stamford; and 30 minutes from Stamford to New York.”
  by The EGE
It's 33 miles from GCT to Stamford, so that would require 66mph average speed. Currently, the Acela is scheduled for 46 minutes from NYP to Stamford.

It's 40 miles from Stamford to New Haven, so 80 mph average speed. The Acela is scheduled for 50-60 minutes over that stretch.

It's 37 miles from New Haven to Hartford, so 74 mph average speed. Shuttles are currently scheduled for 44-46 minutes.
  by njtmnrrbuff
First of all, the existing New Haven Line needs to be upgraded and the bridges over the rivers are the best place to start. There are too many curves and I don’t think they will be eliminated. Doing so would involve displacing many homes and businesses. I could see a speed increase between the Housy River Bridge and just west of New Haven. 30 minutes between Stamford and NYC will never happen.
  by Ridgefielder
30/30/30 is absurd. Doesn't take into account congestion at New Haven, Stamford and between Woodlawn and GCT.

40/40/40 is more like it, and even that would be a stretch. We shall see.
  by NaugyRR
It's better than more busways, haha, and I give the guy credit for picking someone like Giulietti to lead the DoT.

Can't fault the guy for establishing a goal, and if the worst thing that happens out of it is we get some bridges fixed and RoW improvements made, then I've got no complaints.

The question is, can the budget handle it?
  by Backshophoss
Happen to agree, along the lines of 45/45/45,might be possible, at best.
At least this governor has a grasp that Mass Transit is the better option.
However, FIND the $$$$$$$$$ to pull this off will be the problem.

Also, Get the Waterbury Branch out of the "Dark trackage" age!
Get the M-8's to New London, get rid of the MBB lease fleet.
And Finally, EVICT HRRC from the Danbury area!!!!!
  by Jeff Smith
One thing that might help that already exists with SLE is through CTRail service from Hartford to Stamford or even just SoNo and a pocket track. West of New Haven you’d need MNRR crews of course, and limited stops (Bridgeport, SoNo, Stamford terminal).

Isn’t Waterbury getting PTC and passing sidings? I’d add reopen Devon Transfer and get some Stadlers and run them to Berlin! Okay, now we’re foaming lol!
  by njtmnrrbuff
I would agree that 45/45/45 is the best we are probably going to get. The New Haven Line isn't a four track railroad the whole route, especially in Milford. While that stretch might be far enough away from NYC, there are still so many trains that pass through there.

We don't need a permanent Devon Transfer station. It was covered in other threads. That would just add more time to the schedule and there isn't much room to add a parking lot. Somebody in previous forums suggested that Devon Transfer should be the southernmost stop for Waterbury trains to meet the Main Line trains. Many of those people who ride the Waterbury Branch don't mind the one seat ride the Bridgeport because that is where they are attending a variety of appointments and probably many of them work there. Plenty of people who use the Waterbury Branch probably work in other cities along the Main Line in Connecticut too.

I don't think trains top 80 between Stamford and New Haven. I think that the highest they go is 75. The one stretch of the New Haven Line that is painfully slow and I don't think it will ever get eliminated is Jenkins Curve in Bridgeport. On one side of the curve is the minor league baseball stadium and on the east side is the water. I-95 runs alongside the stadium but it is elevated. If as many of the bridges over rivers are replaced as quickly as possible, then in the end, that could help bring down travel time.

Once the New Haven Line meets the Harlem in Woolawn, they have to play around with Harlem Line trains, although it's a four track railroad until you get closer to GCT and the trains can max out between Melrose and Fordham.
  by DutchRailnut
Devon transfer would only add another 3 minutes to schedule, the emergency version tying up 4 tracks just to get a train to that platform.
max speed between New Haven and Stamford is closer to 70 than 75 .
and south of pelham 60 is about best you get far less when getting closer to GCT
  by Backshophoss
A proper Devon Transfer would have platforms on both sides of the Mainline, at best a pair of maxi-sets to/from Stamford during rush hours.
Keep the mini's OFF the mainlines. Bridgeport is just a "waypoint" station, as most of the medical places are at New Haven not Bridgeport.
Why go west to Brigdgeport, so as to finally head east to New Haven to a medical appt at Yale/New Haven Hospital.
  by DutchRailnut
Joe been questioning your sanity for while, but you really think waterbury folk want to transfer to were they are going ?
This is age of no transfer and you want them to transfer for just a few miles ?? really ???????
  by njtmnrrbuff
If you are in Waterbury and need to go to New Haven, there is something called Cttransit 229 bus but sadly it doesn't run very much; in fact, almost just as infrequent as the train on weekends. Yes, those sidings on the Waterbury Branch can't come soon enough. For people who need to travel from Waterbury to New Haven, the state should strongly consider expanding the bus schedule of the 229 route.

If there was enough room to build the whole complex of Devon station, I would say do it as it would not only benefit people traveling from a Waterbury Branch Station to Milford, and the stations in The Havens, but if you live along the Lower Waterbury Branch, you can drive to Devon. Many people who use the New Haven Line drive to the station and having ample parking is very important.
  by Jeff Smith
1. You don’t need a parking lot at Devon; it’s transfer only.
2. Agree with Joe; add a platform eastbound and an overpass. That doesn’t tie up any tracks, which were being tied up anyway!
3. What’s the difference if they’re transferring at Bridgeport or Devon?
4. Service to New Haven would be a worthwhile goal; not everyone goes to Bridgeport SoNo or Stamford. If you’re going to speed up the schedule, you’re going to need transfers and limited stops with well timed transfers.
5. A bus? Really?
  by Traingeek3629
30/30/30 is unrealistic. I'd say something along the lines of 35-40 minutes from Hartford to NH, 45 from NH to Stamford, and 40 minutes express from Stamford-GCT (55 minutes local) is a lot more realistic.

For those speaking about buses: How dare you use such an offensive word on these forums. You can do train runs from Waterbury to New Haven, look at google maps and you will see a track going towards New Haven as well as one towards GCT.
  by GirlOnTheTrain
Aside from the Waterbury branch commuters who wanted their extended Stamford train was there really a marked increase in complaints when Devon-temp was in use? Yes, the temporary station was a cluster-you know what of epic proportions from a routing/dispatching perspective, but obviously you would put up an eastbound platform with an elevator to the overpass on both sides...cuz ADA and all that jazz...and there ya go - no longer having to tie up the entire line to cross an eastbound over to make the stop. I'd rather see Devon become a permanent transfer first before a single footing is poured for the Barnum station.

The whole point of making Devon a permanent station is to bump up Waterbury branch capacity and frequency without taking main line constraints into consideration. Why on God's green earth would you want to encourage people to drive to Devon? I lived in Naugatuck for two years and was 50/50 on actually using the branch and leaving my car either at Naugy or just walking there from my house. If the schedule didn't fit my needs, then I would get in the car and drive to Fairfield Metro (or occasionally West Haven - same-ish distance from home). If the Waterbury schedule was improved, it would discourage people from driving to the main line and actually encourage them to use the branch.

As for the bus idea: Who wants to ride a crappy city bus from Waterbury to New Haven? No thanks. Once upon a time when gas was through the roof, it was cheaper to take the train from Waterbury to New Haven when you took gas and parking into consideration.