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  by ConstanceR46
It's rumored that apparently, with Iowa Pacific faltering, the LIRR is planning to buy-back the C-1 Bilevels and outfit them for a return to service intermixed with the C-3s. Is there any truth to this? I figured not, but apparently LIST NHRS knows it's happening.
  by BuddR32
Unlikely to work well, as the C-1 Trainlines are 32 volt and the C3 cars are 74 Volts
  by geico
How would that work?
First the electrical connections are different and are difference voltages?
C1 door motors are M1/M3 door motors. Will door control pass thru a C3 to a C1 and vice versa?
  by ADL6009
Couldn’t they just replace all that and just make it compatible?
  by DutchRailnut
sure but at that time car would be nearly as expensive as new car .
  by Crabman1130
Would it be economical to dedicate an engine to them and keep them as a pair? They could refit one of the MP15s for HEP.
  by DutchRailnut
no they could not, the MP15 can not supply 480 volt 3 phase power
  by Crabman1130
Didn't some of them do just that? The one with the P prefix.
  by nyandw
Crabman1130 wrote:Didn't some of them do just that? The one with the P prefix.
The "P" units were the MP15ac locomotives that were used in push-pull service at one end of the train with GP38-2 units at the other end. The "P" units replaced the FA cab units which were no longer in service. The "P" is stenciled on the nose of the locomotive as a prefix to the road number. The shot at "PD" tower shows that the units were also used in freight service when needed, but were primarily designated for push-pull passenger service. Info: Dave Keller
  by Jeff Smith
Reminds me of the possibility last summer of the return of the FL9 to Amtrak service. Ultimately it never happened, and CtDOT sold them. We were all so anxious...

I saw postings on FB about the C1 returning. Some were vehemently certain of it. But no source.

How many are out there? Who has/had them? What kind of power can run them? CtDOT has some GP’s, but they hardly need ML’s. Do they have enough motive capacity they could lease the GP’s to LIRR? Would that even work?

Lots of questions!
  by DutchRailnut
The P units supplied DC power for 700 volt train line it was rectified of the AC alternator which is not 3 phase.
  by GirlOnTheTrain
The ones actually being used for tourist railroads are probably in passable condition, but the last ones to have left the siding where they were rotting in Connecticut for upwards of a decade were pretty beaten and abused by the natives with busted out windows and resultant exposure to elements...not to mention who knows what kind of number was done on them inside by the bored natives.

Seems like a big fat waste of money compared to what they would get out of it.
  by NaugyRR
Did they finally pull that set out from Torrington? I think I remember the Naugy crews telling me they were a pain to lug around 'cause they needed compromise couplers.
  by ConstanceR46
According to google, the last set left torrington in 2017. They looked cannibalized tho.
  by Backshophoss
IP's C-1's had regular couplers installed, could be used as an orphan set if the MU trainline is restored to work with a DE-30,
then use 1 of the deadlined MP-15's as a control cab like Amtrak's NPCU on that set.

As origionally setup with M-1 style couplers with the electric MU heads. :(
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