Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by PlaneLoverA380
Yeah... I have absolutely no trees. I use Metro North M7s. I use SHORELINERS AS C3s. I use an M7 on the sandite train. My Penn Station has 24 tracks. I have a junction autonamed 666 that my friend keeps telling me to remove, but I’m too lazy to do it. Floral Park has what I call “the switch of death”. It literally derails any eastbound train. My tracks are sunk 1 foot deep in the dirt at Hicksville. There are so many problems, but I just won’t waste my time saying them.

  by PlaneLoverA380
If you really want to see my... *shudders* ...progress, I’d be happy to upload some screenshots. Me and my friend made this out of a desperate need for a LIRR sim 5 years ago.
  by RGlueck
Vince's Open Rails sim is a really nice look at the LIRR. I finally dropped it from my computer, and this is not a slam at Vince, as I wanted to run historic LIRR equipment, be it MP54's ALCO C420's, and especially steam. In other words, the Long Island Rail Road I remember.
  by vince
historic LIRR equipment, be it MP54's ALCO C420's, and especially steam.
My route is dated in the 1950's, exactly what you list. The beta test release uses all MSTS rolling stock for the simple reason it's available, usually on a users system.All the rolling stock you list is available at the Trainsim.com file library. I didn't include any because of copyright considerations and the fact that all the rolling stock is available, even to non members. There is LOTS of LIRR equipment there,

Which years are your remembrances?


PS My upgrade to the PRR Eastern region is in the hands of the beta testers.
  by RGlueck
Vince: My LIRR experience actually goes back between 1954 to 1973. I used to know how to integrate the Trainsim files including the C-Liners and RS3's and C420's. I used to run the MP54's and all of this in MSTS, the original. I could run PRR I1sa Decapods and somebody created a horror of a Pennsy K4s. Anyway, I'm 68 now, and I've forgotten all this essential knowledge. I'd just like a program that runs the LIRR from Jamaica to Oyster Bay or Port Jeff., and allow me to send commuters to their doom on equipment with which I was so familiar, before the "dark times".

Side note: I hard to put it in reasonable terms now, but there were times when shooting trackside pictures, I'd pass up, "Just another GG1", or "Naw, just an RS3". Things got interesting when the second series of C420's arrived in pastel shades. When the ALCO FA's arrived, it was a whole new ball game. M1's? "N'aw, just another string of M1's". When the MP54's started going en-mass, I jumped to do plenty of shots of those, but not enough for today's wants.
  by NaugyRR
RGlueck, have you tried Trainz out at all? They have a pretty massive freeware community along with some interesting payware, and the program itself is pretty easy to use and intuitive. I'm sure someone's done an LIRR route by now, and loading up new content is literally a click away. I even did some LIRR skins back in my Trainz days that should be on their download library, called the Download Station (DLS).

I switched to Rail Simulator after my PC at the time stopped running MSTS, and after a computer crash I lost all of my Trainz content. I may get back into Trainz someday, but for now I'm fine with DTG's program.

https://beta-static.photobucket.com/ima ... -RS3-1.jpg
https://beta-static.photobucket.com/ima ... -RS3-2.jpg
https://beta-static.photobucket.com/ima ... R-S1-1.jpg
https://beta-static.photobucket.com/ima ... R-S2-1.jpg
  by John_Perkowski
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  by RGlueck
Naughy: Those are some pretty good locomotive skins. Thanks for the advice.
  by ConstanceR46
Those reskins still exist by the user Tbob.

Honestly a big bottleneck is the fact the LIRR used all sorts of odd-box stuff. All DLS C420s are low-hood, there's no Geeps with the air filter mod, so on and so on
  by NaugyRR
I'm surprised you recognized them Constance, I'm actually the artist formally known as tbob, haha. I used to be a long time Trainz member before switching to Rail Sim. I think the biggest nail in the coffin was losing all the work on my Highland Valley remake when my computer crashed. That was pretty disheartening lol.
  by ConstanceR46
RIP, i checked that thread daily to see your progress on it, lol.
  by NaugyRR
I've still got all the screens saved to my Photobucket, I'll PM you a link to the album when I get a free minute
  by PlaneLoverA380
Got a question about the M7 cab I noticed in TSW. What are those flip-down seats in the cab? I usually just flip em’ down and chill. (In TSW)
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  by NaugyRR
Just extra seating for when the cab is tucked in a train-set, or for crew seating when not.

I usually keep the cab closed off from the rest of the car when I play.
  by Fan Railer
All I'm gonna say is that the ATC / Speed control is trash in this sim lol.