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Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

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  by east point
It may be that the Capitol corridor might be a candidate for +79 MPH operation. The authority already pays for extra surfacing of the track to maintain present speeds and with just a little tweaking and PTC speeds could go much higher. The only problem is would only be advantage for express or super express trains .l
Another problem would be higher speed trains would have many conflicts with freight trains especially slower than intermodal .
  by farecard
This is slightly OT.
Is there a topic here covering Amtrak signaling innards? If so, I've not found it so far.

Specifically the NEC; I have never seen a Wee-Z bond there as is used on transit systems.
But I can't see how such can be missing on any electrified trackage.
  by east point
There may be a problem with auto grade crossings. Not all crossings have constant timed circuits. Constant distance circuits have to be lengthened and slower speed freights ay cause gates to be down longer than desired or within FRA guidelines?
  by farecard
On my eastbound trip Capitol Limited this week I noticed something I had not seen previously.

West of that long tunnel that's goes under Rt 160 s. of Berlin PA, several PTC sites with satellite dishes have now grown solar panel arrays.

I wonder if they are the primary source of power, or a backup? I did not see any with propane tanks adjacent; which to me would be a favorable off-grid system: solar keeping the propane consumption to a minimum.

Separately, at another signaling block, I saw a shiny new building, say 5' square and 8' tall, with a large perforated/vent area on the one face. It was placed 10-15 ft away from the other huts. Any ideas what it might be?