• Renaming of Yawkey Way station?

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Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.

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  by rspenmoll
Does anyone have any idea if the Yawkey Way station is going to be renamed "Jersey" now that the street is being renamed?
  by Jeff Smith
ADMIN ADVISORY: This is a valid question, but not an invitation to discuss the appropriateness of the request to rename the street. Leave that discussion to politics.net, politicacorrectness.net, or whatever side of the spectrum you fall on.
  by The EGE
This Globe article speculated about some possible names:

*Jersey Station
*David Ortiz Station
*Fenway Park Station
*Ballpark Station
*Fenway Station (and rename the Green Line stop)
*Olmsted Station

I would personally go with Fenway/Kenmore to match the neighborhood name, which conveniently indicates both the ballpark name and the square name, and rename the Green Line station which has long been confusing.
  by NH2060
Renaming it "Fenway Park" should be a no brainer as the station is right next to the stadium.

As for renaming the "Fenway" Green Line stop what about "Park Drive", "Riverway", or "Landmark Center"?
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  by Trinnau
The station is actually just named "Yawkey" and has an address on Brookline Ave and not Yawkey Way/Jersey St as listed on the T's website https://mbta.com/stops/Yawkey. As EGE states, the T says it will rename the station but no name or timeline has been given yet. What's the city's timeline for renaming the street?
  by Disney Guy
IMHO the Green Line stop should never have been named "Fenway Park" way back when because of confusion with the ball park which is much closer to the next station Kenmore, the road passing over named "Park Drive" notwithstanding.

But we could have gotten away with the single word "Fenway" for the Green Line stop, representing the neighborhood.

I would not name the Green Line stop "Park Drive" since that could be confused with "Park St." despite the latter's distance from Park Drive. Also I would not use the name "Riverway" which could be confused with "Riverside."
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  by BandA
Try ¨Brookline Jct¨. Or, just leave it the heck alone. You can´t call it Kenmore or Fenway or just Brookline or Brookline Ave as those are too confusing. I´m tired of political correctness and kow-towing to the powerful. Just use the most obvious, iconic name and stick with it. Like ¨Route 128¨ station. Or ¨Auditorium¨.

You could call it ¨Citgo Station¨. That would be funny.
  by Charliemta
"Red Sox" station might work for a rename of Yawkey station.
  by BandA
The green line station is called Fenway, as in the name of the road which goes through the Back Bay Fens. The ballpark also gets it´s name from the road.
  by Backshophoss
Just keep it SIMPLE,rename the station Fenway Park,and get the Red SoX to sponsor the name change, They have the $$$$$$$ to pay for it! :wink:
  by rspenmoll
Backshophoss wrote:Just keep it SIMPLE,rename the station Fenway Park,and get the Red SoX to sponsor the name change, They have the $$$$$$$ to pay for it! :wink:
Wouldn't it be even simpler to just rename it "Jersey" after the street's new name as I assumed earlier?
  by Bramdeisroberts
What about "Lansdowne"?
  by Arborwayfan
Change Fenway Park whatever happens; it is confusing. And even though it is near the beginning of The Fennway, it is off to one side and is not really the best way to get to The Fenns or attractions on the Fenns (Gardner Museum, MFA, rose garden, Victory Gardens, Fire Alarm HQ, whatever.

How about Muddy River? True, Longwood is also on the Muddy River, but no other station has such a strong connection to the Muddy River. Except when the river comes into the station. :wink: , And it would be a nice place to start a walk along the river. Or get the big thing that used to be the Sears building to pay to put its own name on its local station, and maybe attract more pax that way.

As for the commuter rail station by the ballpark, almost anything would be better than Yawkey Station from a purely wayfinding perspective. Yawkey only made intuitive sense to people who knew who used to own the Red Sox. That was never most people, especially most people trying to navigate Boston for the first time. By now it's almost as if there were a station out on the D line called "Near Where Grossman's Used to Be."

And now the station isn't just a special stop for Sox games; we'd like people to use it who are just going in and out of that neighborhood.
Jersey St. puts it on the map AND into the Back Bay alphabet of streets.
Kennmore wouldn't be any worse than the two North Stations or the two South Stations, and ties it to a landmark.
Fennway Park would lead very, very few people astray; just a few T experts would be confused if they missed the memo. And those people, like us, look at the map a lot even if they don't need it.
  by Disney Guy
I think that Yawkey station is close enough to Kenmore Square to be renamed Kenmore without causing confusion. In addtion, "Kenmore" is major or authoritative enough that (assuming a little more ridership to make it worthwhile), having every train stop there would then be psychologically less unpalatable.

The Fens was the name given to a park through which the Muddy River runs. The Fenway was the name given to a road bordering that park. The Fenway neighborhood grew up along that road. Today, what is referred to as the Fenway district extends to where Fenway Park is located.
  by Kilo Echo
The MBTA practices unusual economy with regard to naming stations: Symphony Hall is "Symphony"; Davis Square is "Davis"; and Yawkey Way is "Yawkey." By comparison, the MTA in New York is downright verbose: The Stadium is "161 St-Yankee Stadium" (subway) and "Yankees-E 153 St" (Metro-North), and Citi Field is "Mets-Willets Point." Why not rename "Yawkey" as "Jersey St-Fenway Park" or "Jersey St-Red Sox?"