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  by Gilbert B Norman
I'm not certain to which forum at which to present this material, but NJT is the "whipping boy at hand".

The New York Times certainly has budget to allow their employees by whatever means necessary, but financial columnist, James B Stewart, chose to do a trip from EWR to Midtown, where The Times HQ is located, by public transportation. That he emerged in Midtown "less than happy" is a statement about the sorry state of New York area mass transit:

https://mobile.nytimes.com/2018/02/08/b ... trump.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Fair Use:
..The Sunday before last, as I emerged tired and dispirited from Penn Station after a two-plus hour trip from the Newark airport, I found myself pondering President Trump’s campaign pledge “to spur $1 trillion in infrastructure investment,” a theme he raised in this year’s State of the Union address and is expected to address again next week.

A year ago, I embraced the newly elected president’s initiative, calling on him “to build something awe-inspiring.”

Given the deficit-exploding impact of the new tax code, it’s difficult to see where the money will come from. In any event, after this trip, I’ll settle for something far more modest: basic improvements to public transportation
Once again, if any Moderator of this forum believes this material belongs elsewhere (or killed outright), just do what you must.
  by TDowling
It's a sorry state of affairs. While I am enthusiastic about Trump' s infrastructure proposals, seeing as how he is from the NY area and any kind of public - private sector collaboration might jive well, Im afraid other more pressing issues like public safety in the wake of mass shootings will take precedence.
  by ryanov
Seems 2 hours would have to be an exaggeration here. Also wasn’t very wise not to check the schedule to see whether that was a good way to travel at the time he was traveling.
  by chuchubob
ryanov wrote:Seems 2 hours would have to be an exaggeration here. Also wasn’t very wise not to check the schedule to see whether that was a good way to travel at the time he was traveling.
He checked the schedule. His AirTrain trip took much longer than the scheduled 11 minutes and was stopped just short of the station when he saw his NJ Transit train come in and go out. The next train was 50 minutes later because of weekend North River tunnel closure for maintenance, resulting in fleeting trains eastbound for 25 minutes and westbound for 25 minutes each hour.
  by R&DB
Who owns the station, NJT, PATH, or Amtrak?
  by amtrakhogger
R&DB wrote:Who owns the station, NJT, PATH, or Amtrak?
The PA owns Newark Airport station.
  by STrRedWolf
This seems to be error compounded by error compounded by error.
  • PA NJ/NY's finances keep getting shuffled around, pulled by NJ or NY depending on who's whims, and how that affects the airports.
  • The North River (Hudson) tunnels, and how one governor's "quick buck" actions and one president's chaotic actions are costing the nation.
  • The mess that is Penn Station under Madison Square Garden, and how it's not going to get fixed any time soon
I can relate to the author, as in the past decade:
  • I've been through Newark Airport, but not to fly out. Nope, another convention at the airport hotel. At some times, eating at the airport itself. I took Amtrak up from Baltimore and connected to the Airtran. Convention was interesting, but the travel was not fun.
  • I've been through Penn Station (and not my first time there), after Hurricane Sandy. Not fun, since I actually had time to explore a bit there. I think 1998 was slightly better but that was to my first convention and I was much younger back then.
  • I'm just as PO'ed at the governments of the past screwing things up.
We need numerous budgets fixed.