How close do you live to the tracks?

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Cool. Where are you at down there? I moved from Montdale. I used to go down every now and then to see the Steamtown runs to Carbondale and used to bike along the tracks in the summer. Also used to hunt for insulators down that way too.


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Bucyrus6150 wrote:Cool. Where are you at down there?
I'm in Jessup ... originally from Clarks Summit, though (where there is/was significantly less rail-action). I've only been in Jessup for two years, so I've got a lot of history to catch up on! I walk and bike the tracks pretty often. There's a number of survey benchmarks along this line, if you know where to look.



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Oh, and I should mention I'm not a teen! :o Sorry, I came to this thread via a search and didn't realize which heading it was under.



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it depends...i live like 2 minutes away by walk to the fingerlakes railroad and about 8 miles from the CSX Rochester Subdivsion. It's about 10 minutes travel by car. It's worth it though! In the morning you can see the Lakeshore Limited from Chicago to New York and Amtraks from toronto and niagara falls and you can see many...many CSX trains. They usually make all of the amtrak trains late.

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I live about .75 miles from Chatham station on the Morris & Essix Lines of NJT.

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I am half a mile from Maplewood on the M&E. The DL&W is my road of passion so I am happy I live where I am.
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I live about a a mile to two miles from the Lycoming Valley RR and NS Buffalo Line here in Williamsport Pa.
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i'm a block away from the line between boston and montreal. it's not used much though.

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About a ten minute walk from the R3 philmont station on septa, which means that I pretty much can go aany where on the septa system, also about a 15 minute drive from cornwalls hights on the NEC
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Hi All,

What always impressed me about people living close to the trains is how they never heard the trains passing by.

I have friends that live across the street from the ROW, and they get the sound of Union Pacific freights all day and night long, and they are so used to the sound they don't hear it. One might also mention that such property provides cheap housing for the people. They simply cannot afford to live elsewhere, a more desirable area.

By the way, one can also say the same for those living near a runway of a busy airport. Nothing like a Boeing 747 about 500 feet over your head either landing or taking off. That will rattle your teeth as well. And as for talking on the telephone, forget it.


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yeah, my grandparents live under where all the planes going to JFK come in, and right next to the LIRR main line. i usually don't notice the sounds of either one.


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Deval Tower
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I live half a mile due east of the NJ Transit North Jersey Coast Line in Little Silver/Red Bank. I still remember when I was very young and I lived within sight of the massive Hell Gate Viaduct in Astoria, NY. How I miss NYC :(


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hioo1 wrote:right across the street from the CSX Trenton line, across from the Hopewell train station
What trains go by there besides CSX?


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One time, I went on vacation in Williamsburg VA. My hotel was right next to a set of CSX freight tracks. The Amtrak station was a mile down the road from my hotel.

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