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  • Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.
Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

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  by Allouette
shlustig wrote:#283 (21st) Empire Service lost 8' 30" Utica / SYR????
49(21) towed 283 into Syracuse. 49 was 3' 29" late into Cleveland.
  by Dick H
From All Aboard Yahoo Group.

Capitol Limited 29(24) was delayed nearly five hours at Harpers Ferry
WV account emergency brake application. Crew unable to release
brakes. Problem was a fault on the AMTK 173, trailing unit of three,
which was damaged on Silver Starvation 92(17) in a collision with a
big rig at Patrick SC. It is on its way to Beech Grove shops for
eventual repair.
Recrew will be required prior to normal crew change.
  by Backshophoss
Tropical storm Harvey has forced the following changes,Sunset Ltd is short turning at El Paso, Texas Eagle is short turning at
Ft Worth,No service between El Paso and New Orleans,or Ft Worth and San Antonio,some bus service for the Eagle for a day.
might be Aug 30 before service returns,depending on the flooding/storm damage.
  by shlustig
Does anybody know what happened to #58 (26th) northbound City of New Orleans; train was OT at Effingham and 5' 55" late @ Mattoon??? 6' 57" late into CHI!!!!??????
  by Plate C
Never looked in this thread before, you guys are quite precise with your times. Anyhow came in here to mention that the Lakeshore headed East was just cancelled for around September 15-17 at least due to CSX trackwork Albany > Boston.
  by twropr
shlustig wrote:Does anybody know why #63 (2nd) westbound Maple Leaf lost 4' 15" from Utica to Syracuse??
Engine on #63 loading at reduced rate - train combined with #281 at Syracuse.
  by Metzger
Hi all, I'm currently riding the southbound Vermonter, train 57. I boarded in Bridgeport, where the train was supposed to depart at 5:01 but was about 80 minutes late. The 6:01 Regional and the 5:13 Metro-North to Grand Central both stopped at the station before my train finally showed up. I have two questions:
1. Does anyone know why the train was so late? I'm guessing Metro-North could have delayed it a bit after missing its slot, but what caused them to miss the slot in the first place?
2. Just after passing Southport station, we came to a stop on the southbound express track because a northbound Regional needed to pass us. But the northbound train passed us on the northernmost track (track 3)! That's the GCT-bound local track. Does anyone know why Metro-North dispatchers would send a northbound train through on what would typically be an almost entirely southbound track?

Also, now we're stopped at Stamford on Track 2 (northbound express)! Very odd.
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