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  by hioo1
Railroad: Pennsy, the Reading and NJC

Locomotives: 4-4-0 Americans, Camelbacks, and K-4 Pacifics.

  by CoastStarlight99
Favorite Railroad: Amtrak-Natioal Railroad Passenger Corp.

Favorite Locomotives: F40, and P42.

  by Fla East Coast Chris
Florida East Coast Railway!!! A survivor in the sun!!!
Rock trains rolling north from MIami to bBowden yard and Cocoa
Intermodal trains rolling up to 9000 feet in length.
GP40's GP40-3's SD40's and GP38-2's
Speedway to America's Playground....

  by stevo
favorite railroad: amtrak
favorite locomotive: amd-103....phase V

  by AznSumtinSumtin
Passenger Railroad: MBCR(Provides commuter rail service for the MBTA)
Freight Railroad: CSX
Passenger Locomotive: GP40MC(GP40L-2 rebuilt for passenger service)
Freight Locomotive: SD40-2
  by G-Unit Soldier
My Favorite Road is AMTRAK, and My Favorite Locomotive is EMD's F40PH In Amtrak's Phase Three Colors, Leading The Starlight!, and even when its not, its Still My Favorite!

  by CNJGeep
Favorite RR-the Good old E-L!
Loco-U34CH, Hands DOWN! GG1, close Second. GS-3 4-6-2, third, and K4 fourth.

  by B&MYoshi
Favorite Roads, B&M and MBTA

Favorite Locos: Turbines, Cab-Forwards, RS units, and RDC's (do they count?)

  by CN9634
Fav roads: CP/CN Conrail/Norfolk Southern (Screw CSX and screw Guilford). SLR and MMA.
Fav Engine(s): GP40-2W, SD40-2W, GP38s, SD60's, SD70's, C30-7's and C424/C425's.

  by dmk092
DD5, P5, E series, D16

P-7's, all their Howard street tunnel motors,
and their anglicized engines which include the President Cleveland, George Emerson, and Lord and Lady Baltimore

The four Reading class engines, both as delivered and later in their atlantic form, and the 2-6-4 suburban tanks


IRT (not a railroad):
low-V's, and R-33,36s (WF)

  by Bucyrus6150
I'm going to add the SD70M-2 to my list. I just saw two for the first time today. I love the way the look, the best looking modern locomotive out there if you ask me. :-D

  by LongIslandRRTom
EMD's original line of Dash-2's (38 to 40) have a special place in my heart. Of all the engines out there, those Dash-2's are the ones with the cleanest lines without compromise on functionality, no out-of-place-looking curves, no harsh-looking things sticking out. And they were reliable too. Truly the high-water mark for GM/EMD.

Favorite road is evident in my handle. And they had GP38-2's. :-)

  by Lehigh Valley Railroad
T1 Wyoming

Q1/2, L1 Mikado

H10 Consolidation

G3 Pacific

  by Christian S.
To put it very simply: anything steam!

  by Engineer James
Pennsy T1 Duplex....

favorite road... The Turtle Creek Industrial Railroad... I will probably model this line later on.