• Discussion of products from the American Locomotive Company. A web site with current Alco 251 information can be found here: Fairbanks-Morse/Alco 251.
Discussion of products from the American Locomotive Company. A web site with current Alco 251 information can be found here: Fairbanks-Morse/Alco 251.

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  by Paul
Greetings all. RS-32 SDAX 4004 (ex-SP 4004) is leaving Potola Railroad Museum today bound for the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum, in Campo, California. Guess what kiddies...I get to put four combos under her with out a drop table! I will keep you all posted.

  by tgibson
Hooray, another Alco in San Diego! :-)


  by Paul
Hey Golden Boy. Yeah, I am still out here in the "valley of the dirt people".
I am sending a PM with the email addy and other private info. I am about 50 miles east of L.A. so that should be two hours drive time or six if it rains. Metrolink from LAUPT to Riverside or San Berardino is the best bet. I work 3rd trick so keep that in mind as well.

Like the man said: It IS OFF TOPIC
Now back to the Alcos......
From Your local friendly Alcoman

  by Paul
Sorry for bending rules. Mr. Golden Arm and I worked together almost twenty years ago and it would be nice to see him. He broke the Alcos that I fixed. Unfortunatly I dont have his home number or email addy. If you can't hack two railroaders catching up on some missing years then I suggest another hobbie. Now, to put this back on topic, SDAX4004 should be arriving my work place on Wednsday. Then it should continue on it's journy the follwing day.

  by espeefoamer
Has that RS32 arrived in Campo yet?
  by 6088
Well it has not arrived in Campo yet, but hopefully within the next week or two. The new drawbar has been delivered to the UP, and they expect to install it today or tomorrow. After that, it can be released from BO hold and sent on her way.

If anyone was wondering about the SDAX that is the reporting mark of the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum, we operate trains under the name San Diego and Arizona. We had to get this loco put into UMLER and put AEI tags on it for the move, so we temporarily renumbered it as SDAX, but it will be restored to SP 7304, however if it ever goes on a class 1 again, it most likely will have to roll as SDAX, since are not the SP, but we will deal with that later down the road.


  by espeefoamer
There is an ex SP RS32 lettered for Simplot that has been in the ex SP(I refuse to use name of current RR!)Industry,Ca. yard for the past month.Is this the same unit?
  by 6088
Yes it is, it has been there waiting for a new drawbar. You can follow this link to see what happened to it AT City of Industry.


Hopefully will be rolling tomorrow (Thursday)
  by 6088
Well the RS 32 got bumped off the list again, my guess is this is due to the fact that the MCIWC seems to be overloaded with tomorrow's train already listed at around 200 cars. That and the loco is not in the main yard, it is in PMT which I don't know the area but probably would be extra switch moves to get it picked up.
  by 6088
Well I guess the subject line spells it out pretty good, but it still hasn't rolled yet. Every day since the 23rd of June the locomotive has been on the list to roll, but then gets bumped off for one reason or another.

Maybe... just maybe it is getting cleaned up, batteries installed, oil changed, fuel tanks topped off, needle gunned and painted and that is what's taking so long. Wouldn't that be a great gift from a class 1 to a museum...

I know, I know... JUST SAY NO!!!
  by 6088
Rollin' out of Industry today...

The UP emailed me saying it was fixed (there was some air leaks after the coupler issue, that weren't there before it crashed into something or vice verca) It is still listed as bad ordered, but is scheduled to roll out of City of Industry today, and I got an email from the UP saying it is departing, so who knows.

  by Paul
Is it still bound for Kansas City?


  by 6088
No.... but if it did go there... I was gonna ask them to give it to the BNSF.
  by 6088
Hey Paul.... I wonder if they are waiting for you to get back...

BTW... they said they had to replace the "service portion" on the locomotive....

How about that.....