Discussion relating to the Penn Central, up until its 1976 inclusion in Conrail. Visit the Penn Central Railroad Historical Society for more information.

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  by chessie8212
There is a PC E-8 unit in Bellevue, OH sitting on a siding just a ways down from the NS's huge yard there. I only live about 20 minutes from there, so I'll see if I can't get over there and grab a shot or two.

  by rx2b68tn
saw a couple of covered hoppers at a flour mill this week in cleveland,tn
  by rej70
The PC hoppers are still at Avon yard. (I live nearby)

  by NYC-BKO
Re: C425 5067.
The single class light says it's PRR, now if I could only find my Conrai book to verify the PC number!

  by scottychaos
According to the Conrail Cyclopedia,
Conrail C425 5067 was originally PRR 2431

  by metman499
I saw a PC coil steel car today in Harision, NJ. It should be in Croxton tonight. The car has CR marks and number but the rest of the car was green. The coil covers were pure CR though.
  by fglk
There is 1 Penn Central and 1 Pennsylvaina RR 40' High Way Trailers in New Hope Mills, NY

There are 4 40' Penn Central Boxcars in Little Falls, NY
There are 3 40' Penn Central Boxcars in Fonda, NY on the East end of the yard

I nabed photos of 5 Penn Central Ballest Hoppers befor they were completeley painted out by the Finger Lakes Railway in Geneva, NY a few were converted Covered Hoppers.

I have seen several Penn Central Gondolas as well from 1994-presant in reguler service well rather beat to hell.

I have 2 Penn Central Covered 3 Bay Hoppers that were painted out but bleed back thew both with org numbers one remarked for Conrail the outher for GCFX?

There was Green 1 Penn Central and Green 1 PRR (with Gold key stone and black shadow logo) Covered Hoppers marked for Sand Service only in DeWitt Yard in Syracuse, NY about 2 months ago as far as I can rember both cars had been there sents Penn Central began and both had brand new paint jobs on them!!

  by TerryC
Are there any other locomotives in Penn Central paint other than that C-424/425?

keep asking keep learning

  by Urban D Kaye
Saw this on CSX recently, PC gon filled with old ties. Still in service.


  by bluebelly
There is a PC Baggage car being used by Amtrak MofW layed up in C-yard in New Yorks Penn Station. For those who don't know C yard is in the Northwest corner of the station, on the west end of trarks 20 & 21.

  by Tadman
National New York Central Museum has repainted some rolling stock and power to PC livery because it's easier and cheaper than NYC lightning stripes. I guess the more expensive original liveries appear when the money appears. The GG1 was recently painted in PC (lack of) colors. Now if they so much as come near their ex-CSS MU with PC black...

  by SRS125
I caught an Ex Penn Central Covered Hopper on Thersday 12/2/04 the name was readable even thow part of it had been painted out. The car was owned by RMGX. I'll post a road number shortley when I find the pic.

  by Engineer
Before NS got rid of their GP38s, just a year or so ago I recall one in particular more than the others where the blue paint was starting to flake off the front of the nose revealing still intact PC black with the a part of the white stripes of the worm showing....