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A forum for teen railroad enthusiasts

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  by hioo1
Hi guys, I'm a train nut from Hopewell NJ (well weekends in Neptune NJ) who is 17 yrs old, if you want to chat, you can catch me on AIM as hioo1 or e-mail me at [email protected]. I enjoy photographing trains (across the street from my house), as well as working on my model railroad as well as just riding trains. And here are some of my favorite train's n' such.

Favorite Railroads: Pennsy, CNJ, Reading
Favorite Locomotive: Pennsy K4
Favorite Photospot: hmm...I'd say at the Hopewell Trainstation or from a boat in the sharkriver.
I also sometimes go to Hamilton station on the NEC to see an Acela or two.

  by Lehigh Valley Railroad
Welcome aboard!

Are you a TAMR member? www.tamr.org

  by hioo1
I am not a member of TAMR, but it looks very interesting, and I think I may just put my application in mail box today! :wink:

  by Ken W2KB
Very interesting that you are a CNJ fan. I was 17 when I rode the very last ferry out of New York and the last train out of Jersey City Terminal on the CNJ.

  by TAMR213
A big howdy to you too! Feel free to IM me sometime on AIM if you would like to know anything about the TAMR, and, as you can see, the TAMR has quite a few active members in your area. Actually, there is a family friend of mine that lives in Hopewell, and visit fairly often. Would love to talk!

  by Lehigh Valley Railroad
Feel free to IM me as well, always interested in talking trains!

  by ANDY117
Im also available if you want to know anything about the tier.
  by LBWaveDude
hioo1 wrote:Hi guys, I'm a train nut from Hopewell NJ (well weekends in Neptune NJ)
Why weekends in Neptune? Ain't too much to see there...

  by njtmnrrbuff
If you are a passenger buff, then Neptune is the place to go. I like to railfan along the southern end of the coastline because there are so many open areas. I could pretty much answer anything about passenger in the NY area and some freight questions like the Lehigh and River. Four weeks ago, I took amtrak up to Albany to visit a family friend in Delmar. We actually drove by Selkirk yard. We were not too familier with places to stop and take pictures. I live very close to Oak Island Yard. You have all sorts of power there but I barely get down there as much.