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  by hioo1
I have to say one of my most interesting catch had to be a couple of days ago, across from my house where I saw a Northbound military train (carrying humvees and military trucks). There was a signalman across the tracks from me (repairing the bridge so the signalman has to get everyone off the bridge when a train comes). I was hoping this guy wouldn't think I was a terrorist because I was taking pictures of military vehicles!






  by CN9634
Catching a CN SD60f on 115lb jointed rail that was in much need of maintainence. You shoulda seen that engine rock. It was actually kinda scary, think about one of those units fallin on its side! But ive seen a lot, lot of second, and third hand stuff (Nothing In Maine is bought new). Ive seen a RS11 and RS3 (I believe it was a 3) in regular service on the Maine Coast (The RS3 is in south portland rusting away). Seeing GP9's as road units is pretty cool. And seeing six axle units (Just about everything in Maine is 4 axle).

  by emd_SD_60
Well just saw a rather odd consist, two WC GP40's and a GTW GP38-2 leading a northbound mixed, it was not that long (probably a local). I wonder if I will ever see this sight again, with their SD45's on their last legs, possibly the GP40's are next in line. :(

FYI, the lead unit was GP40 3026, the infamous "Spirit of Wisconsin" unit. :wink:

  by Lirr168
hioo1 wrote: I was hoping this guy wouldn't think I was a terrorist because I was taking pictures of military vehicles!
You might be interested to know that if someone were interested in making trouble for you, you could technically be arrested for taking those pictures! There was a relatively obscure law passed on the federal level at the end of WWII that prohibits photography of military-related rail equipment. It was passed in response to plans discovered in Germany indicating that Hitler intended to blow up the Hell Gate Rail Bridge in Queens. Luckily for us railfans, most cops these days have no idea such a law still exists!

  by AmtrakFan
I did see a Department of Defense Caboose over Spring Break.

  by emd_SD_60
Saw an interesting consist today, CN SD40-2W 5336 leading a visitor, NS B32-8 3526 and a rare (getting to be at least) IC GP40R, #3107.

  by CoastStarlight99
One strange pic I got was with the Coast Starlight with a Cascades locomotive F59PHI on it.

  by AznSumtinSumtin
My most interesting catch would be 2 years ago, I saw an MBTA commuter train inbound(going towards from Boston) on the Attleboro/Providence line with 2 F40's. But thats not the strangest thing. It was pulling another train with a broken GP40MC. I'm guessing 1 outbound(going away from Boston) train broke down, so an F40 was sent to replace the broken F40. Then it caught up with another train that had a broken GP40MC, and was pushing it. Once the train reached Attleboro or Providence it switched directions, becoming inbound and the control cab on the first train was used to control the entire train.

  by AmtrakFan
Another one SD9 Leading a Manifest
1 SD9
1 GP38-2
1 GP9
THEN another one
2 C44-9W
1 SD40-2
1 GP38-2
1 GP9B
2 GP15-1

  by Amtrak31
Now that's a nice lash-up! The GP9B spices it up also, one of 3! :-)

  by Bucyrus6150
Not really that interesting or unusual, but I was out biking the other day and saw an old grimy CN C449W on the ST.L&H (CP) tracks, luckily I had my camera with me and got a few pics of it. :-D

  by sullivan1985
This isn't really any catch of an interesting lash-up, but more of a crazy back up.

In the early parts of the summer, a brush fire broke out in the NJ Meadowlands and the fire was burning very close to the NEC. All the trains where backed up for miles between NY and Newark. You could see them within feet of each other, train after train. It was crazy.


his picture was taken from Snake Hill just south of Secaucus Transfer where two trains got caught up on the trestle of the former NJT Boonton Line.

  by Bucyrus6150
I just saw this go by about an hour ago:

NS C44 9W

Oh! I almost forgot! last friday I saw one of CPs GP38-2s still in D&H paint

  by dmk092
My local commuter rail is Tri-Rail.
Completely at random I took a poor quality cell-phone pic of them testing out a demonstrator DMU motorcar from Colorado. It was coupled to a flatcar and an f40.