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In the TAMR?

  by Lehigh Valley Railroad
Okay this is for Teen Railroad Enthusiasts, but who here is in the TAMR?

Thanks for your input


  by TAMR213
As you can tell from my handle and sig, your very own moderator is, and has been a member since late 2001.

  by prt1607j
and yours truly is the VP of the TAMR...

  by AmtrakFan
Joining is on my to do list.

  by ANDY117

  by MetraRy
never really intrested me

  by TAMR213
MetraRy wrote:never really intrested me
Por que?

Nice to hear you other 2 guys intend on joining eventually, you'll never regret it! Without the TAMR, I have no idea where I (or my knoledge of railroads) would be!

  by ANDY117
Just filled out the form! What does it mean by equipment though? Era?

  by TAMR213
Equipment: Steam, desiel, passenger, frieght, etc. And remember, we cater to railfans as well!

  by ANDY117
sent the money/ membership thing in yesterday.

  by ANDY117
Got my first issue of the Hotbox today...very nice. I'm number 397. And that 2nd place photo of the NS freight on the southern tier was probably a 12T.

  by CoastStarlight99
I dont model railroad much at all, I have plently of room to start a layout and enough money to purchase some nice things to begin construction, but I really have not found the time to actually start doing this. I think I wil eventualy start an easy layout. I also subscribe to Model Railroader but rarely read much if anything.

But I think I will join TAMR, Its always nice to see young people starting railraod-related programs. Especially Model RR since there is so much Virtual Railroading Games (ie: Microsoft Train Simulator) that people play these days.

I just printed out the application form! :)

  by Lehigh Valley Railroad

Sounds good! Will look foward to hearing from you.

Wow, your VP, Auditior and NE Rep all in the same forum.... :wink: