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  by RearOfSignal
Seeing as it's last stop Friday evening is in GCT, yes, it might be plugged in somewhere in GCT for the weekend.

This is an event for employees of Metro-North, not for the public. So if you show up in the yards looking to get on the equipment and take pictures you may not be warmly welcomed.
  by nytrainsgogo
Will it be down TO gct the 15th?
  by DutchRailnut
We did give the schedule, why do you insist on knowing where train is stored when not scheduled to run???
Whatever place it won't be accesible to public most likely.
  by Train2009
I saw the Hoilday train late this morning in Philipse Manor heading southbound to Highbridge at 11:23 AM with P32AC-DMs #206 leading and #210 in the back.

The first run of the 2010 Hoilday train in Philipse Manor
  by JoshKarpoff
The inspection train was seen coupled to two Genesis engines, 210 and 206, at Harmon around 10PM, Sunday, December 12th. It was sitting adjacent to the old fuel pad just north of the station for a while, before being moved to the side of the new shop building.
  by Genesis
Why does anyone care about this train? What a ridiculous thread. The employees couldn't care less and it's their train while the foamers are all agog......
  by Train2009
I heard the train traveling northbound here in White Plains this morning at 6:04 AM while I was in my bed at home then I caught it in North White Plains traveling southbound at 9:32 AM.

At North White Plains:
  by DutchRailnut
about to leave GCT, Inspection train for Wassaic engines 213-210 - MN1-MN3-MN2
  by Steamboat Willie
I believe Danbury is the next trip for the inspection train, saw the line up with destinations not too long ago. Think they have 4-5 trips before years end (in terms of trips around the property.)
  by SecaucusJunction
I guess it is safe to assume that this year's WOH red headed stepchild inspection train will be cancelled this year.....
  by DutchRailnut
unless it gets wings, yes.
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