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  by stevo
Guilford Guy wrote:I know a girl who likes Trolleys who volunteers at the Seashore Trolley Museum...
hey! i know her too! but you already knew that.

  by RailChick88
Well thanks!! Thats cool that you guys know another girl that is interested in this stuff. I feel that there are way too few girls in this industry.


  by The Man
I am 26 but I agree with railchick88! We need more chicks! Keep up the interest and have fun.

  by WileeCoyote
Am I the only guy on the other side of the pond or what?

Fritz Webster
Schwabenheim, Germany (about 300 yards from former KBS 249b)

Volunteer Firefighter (yes, it's allowed here) and Naussauische Touristik Bahn volunteer
Favorite road would probably be the Deutsche Reichsbahn (1945-1994).
  by Lehighton_Man
Are you the Same WileeCoyote from the Auran.com Trainz forums? Im LVman haha
Sean A.
14 Yrs
Canandiagua N.Y. Along FGLK and former LV stuff. :)
  by Darien Red Sox

Noroton Heights station stop on New Haven Line (Darien CT)

Age 20 but still 12 at hart
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