Discussion relating to the operations of MTA MetroNorth Railroad including west of Hudson operations and discussion of CtDOT sponsored rail operations such as Shore Line East and the Springfield to New Haven Hartford Line

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  by DutchRailnut
MNCR is starting the Catenary work between Stamford and South Norwalk , track 4 is first and has bridge plates erected at 3 intermediate stations, the work does involve a lot of new catenary structures.

At Pelham new Catenary structures are being erected for new CP215 interlocking, this has track 3 closed.

At CP217 the new Catenary structures look to be inplace and work on switches and overhead wire are to resume.

  by NJD8598
Have you heard if they plan on replacing those curved catenary poles in Glenbrook? I figure that may be one project on the list. I did notice the bridge plates Sunday while driving by Noroton Heights, I was wondering what was going on...

  by DutchRailnut
yes the arched Catenaries will come down , there is no way to attache new catenary to them. the old floating beam catenary hangs from hanger wire not directly from catenary portals.

  by NJD8598
I guess its time to head over there with the camera before they all come down....thanks for the info Dutch.

  by Rockingham Racer
Could someone (Dutch?) give some details on CP 215 and CP 217? Speed allowable on the crossovers, which tracks will be connected by crossovers, etc. Is CP 215 just east of Pelham station?

  by DutchRailnut
Both interlockings will be 60 mph switches, and I believe any track can be reached. Only track that will be restricting speed(15) is going into old yard at New Rochelle for turns.
After these two interlockings(cp215-CP217 are completed CP216 will be rebuilt with very limited moved for MNCR but I heard 45 mph speeds to Hell gate for Amtrak. the speeds for MNCR will remain same at 30 mph tru CP216.
  by nh chris
There's a bunch of work being done in and around the station in New Rochelle. Included in that work are the raising of several new catenary towers.

From their placement, it does not appear to this layman that the 90 year old New Haven RR towers are to be taken down, but rather the new towers are being added to the old.

Is this correct?

NH Chris

  by DutchRailnut
Their replacements that are covering the new interlockings at CP215 -CP216 -CP217.
The Catenary poles are additions to the current (New Haven) catenary system. With the constant tention catenary wire there is additional areas that need poles for wires that go out of running. The current poles, you will notice only needed cement work at the bases, and not on all of them.

Corrct me if I am wrong MTASUPT, but is the New Rochelle wire project part of the AMTRAK funded reconfiguration of CP 217, CP 216 and the new CP215? I have seen the plans for it and it looks like CP 217 will be a complete interlocking, CP 216 will be reduced to just the switches coming off the branch and CP 215, well, I will keep that to myself...

  by Swedish Meatball
With the reconfiguration of CP 217 will the East Bound Platform be extended. I have heard that on TK 4 side the support for the bridge above on the east end would be redone to add space. Was that just a rumor or fact?
Jointly financed by Amtrak/Metro-North/Feds. It was a spin off on the original Amtrak thought on doing a "flyover". Once everyone came back to earth on the "flyover" thought the following was developed:

a) reconfiguration of CP216 - to reduce the turnouts in the curve and increase the speed of the Interlocking. Only tracks 2 & 4 will have switches. Tracks 1 & 3 are going to be "straight railed"

b) CP217 to shift the switches to the east to increase the lengths of the the turnouts and thus your crossover speeds. To give you a much needed Universal Interlocking - Which due to the one sided use of CP216 you are going to need if there is to be an Amtrak train on either tracks 1 or 3 west of CP223. The station platform which is an "island platform" currently for track 6 & 4 will be extended east and due to a reconfiguration of the 217/216 area will move the bridge abutment for North ave over and tracks 6 and 4 will be realigned and be renamed 4 &2 respectively.

c) CP215 to give the ability to set up Shell without the benefit of an Universal interlocking. Will be helpful in case of Change over issues west of 215.

d) New Interlocking east of Pelham Bay - I believe they call Manor.

As for North Avenue, the Bridge abutment will occupy, I can't remember if it is track 1 or 2 and then the rename game for the other tracks and alignments

  by checkthedoorlight
does this mean that they are removing track 6 from New Rochelle? Otherwise, if 6 & 4 are renamed 4 & 2, then what does the old track 2 become?

BTW - just out of curiosity, does Metro North ever use track 6 at New Rochelle? I've seen plenty of Amtrak trains use it, but then again NY-bound Amtrak trains often platform on track 4 there as well.

I personally don't like using 6 trk at New Rochelle because the 46 and 64 sw at CP 216 and CP 217 are restricted speed and they needlessly punish the trains. I used that track once and I swear, unless it is a dire emergency, I will not use it. Hell, even I don't hate Amtrak that much as to put their trains in there unless I have to.
As for the new configuration of New Rochelle, trk 6 will become the new trk 4, and trk 4 will be the new trk 2. The old trk 2 will where the new bridge abutment will be built, therefore it will cease to exist.
  by Clean Cab
The overhead wire (catenary) replacement program in Connecticut is on going. Here's an update of what's been completed and what's ongoing.............

Catenary "A" (Stateline to CP 235):
All work completed except for Stamford Yard tracks 6 & 8 "Hill" and tracks 106 & 108 in the "Passenger Yard".

Catenary "B" (CP 235 to CP 241):
Track #3 has started with old wire removal and ercetion of "Drop Tubes" and additional catenary structures.

Catenary "C" (CP 241 to CP 261):
Design work completed. Bids will start in fall 2006.
Note: Overhead wire for the newly installed CP 248 will be done seperatley and is also out for bid.

Catenary "D" (CP 261 to CP 274):
All work completed except for track #4 from CP 261 to CP 266 awaiting completeion of bridge work in the Milford area.
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