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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by GP40MC1118
Sigh....this sorts seals the deal on this line.

  by John Smythe
Question...... Who owns the #1701 engine? What is the name of the railroad company that oversees operation or movement of freight over the line in Millis? Thanks.
  by connor4521
Bay Colony owns and operates. They drive up in the high tailed truck.
  by craven
Back to Dec. 02, 2016, in this thread, F-Line to Dudley wrote "BCLR's Seminole RR owners in Florida".

I recall a picture of a Seminole engine with the Bay Colony logo somewhere else in this thread.

So if nothing has changed since 12/2/2016, then Seminole RR owns it with Bay Colony managing the NE Operations.

( My best guess)
  by GP40MC1118
Seminole Gulf bought a few B39-8's last year. One, for some
reason, was lettered/marked for Bay Colony. There was a rumor it was
coming north, but never did.

  by Baycolony1705
Anyone know the last run on the Millis Line?
  by NHV 669
February. Posted a few pages back.
  by charding
...so have all cement deliveries to Island Rd ended for the Millis line? If so, no more customers. Have they been transferred to some site along he Franklin Branch?
  by GP40MC1118
No one knows for sure. It's seems like the fly ash may have gone to the new facility on the G&U.
As for the cement, it probably has gone to barges again.

Sorta feels like the end though.

  by craven
Was down there this AM and the line is clear of all cars.

The horsefly's are so thick and menacing by Island Road, that no one could work there.

Any fly fisherman/women out their, bring your nets for more bait than you'll ever use.
  by John Smythe
Is the Bay Colony Boxcar #4001 still sitting on the siding in Millis? Thanks.
  by mowingman
I believe they were receiving cement from Dragon Cement up and n Maine. Dragon had a big fire last winter at their plant. This probably caused some delivery interruptions thT may not be resolved even now.
  by John Smythe
Who was receiving Dragon cement? How long ago? Why has this boxcar been sitting on that siding for over 15 years? Thanks.
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  by GP40MC1118
Tresca got cement and fly ash.

The boxcar was a tool car or supply car. Escaped being cut up when BCLR
lost most of their trackage back in 1992-93. A lot of cars got cut up at
East Wareham including all the boxcars like this one being used for supply
storage and the like. Even the derelict Alco in Needham was scrapped back
then. Maybe this one survived due to the fact BCLR still had decent business
on the line. GAF was still open...

  by John Smythe
Thank You for that information, I was unaware of all the scrapping that took place.
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