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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by BowdoinStation
NEGS's three open hoppers get some use during the winter.. There's the one that guards the north end of the Merrimack River Bridge in Concord, the second hopper is placed on the south side of the West Road Crossing, just by the NEGS WORLD HEADQUARTERS, and the third is placed at the North End of their yard. It's there to deter snowmobilers, plus they can operate on that section of the line year round from Canterbury to Concord, if they need to. In February 2011, the NEGS crew had a day from hell, when snowmobilers trespassed and caked up tons of packed snow and ice between the rails, I think you can figure out the rest of what happened that day when they tried to take their GP39-2 south to Concord, it made the national news, luckily ZERO fatalities.
  by BowdoinStation
New England Southern made their first round trip run of 2018 going from Canterbury to Concord to Tilton, and back again with two loaded slurry tank cars for 3M in Tilton and taking two empty tank cars back to Concord for interchange with Pan Am. Also the open hopper that guarded the north side of the Merrimack River Bridge in Concord is now back in the yard in Canterbury.
  by Dick H
Report that the NEGS National Guard train left Canterbury around 5:00AM.
No other details....
  by Dick H
Report on GRS Yahoo Group that the military train is tied down at Concord as of 10:30AM.
  by davidp
Still there as of 430pm....the SW1500 is parked a bit south of the end of the military train.

  by BowdoinStation
Winter in New Hampshire officially begun last Saturday 12/29/18. That was when the New England Southern Railroad Crews took care of their annual winter ritual by placing an open hopper MOW car at the northern opening of the Merrimack River Bridge in Concord. They placed their other open hopper MOW cars just to the south of the West Road Crossing and their third hopper by the north end of their yard limits at their World Headquarters in Canterbury. A most common sense indication that snowmobiles are definitely not welcome on their active section of railroad property.
  by thebigham

http://trn.trains.com/news/news-wire/20 ... X8.twitter" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Short line group buys New England Southern
By Chris Anderson | February 25, 2019

CONCORD, N.H. — United Rail, Inc., said Monday that it has acquired the New England Southern Railroad in New Hampshire. NES operates a 22-mile rail line in the Concord, N.H., area, and interchanges with Pan Am Railways for southbound freight shipments. According to a statement from United Rail, the acquisition of New England Southern gives United Rail a new market in which to operate.

“Our plan is to consolidate the smaller and sometimes overlooked short lines and consolidate them under the United Rail banner,” said Michael Barron, CEO of United Rail. “We plan to aggressively grow our presence in other markets. With the inclusion of the NES under the United Rail umbrella, we now have a presence in the Northeast, an area where we feel there are great growth opportunities.”

According to its website, New England Southern operates between Concord and Lincoln, N.H., on the state-owned White Mountain Branch. When operating north of Lochmere, N.H., the carrier must coordinate with the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad, Hobo Railroad, and Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train operations

Financial details of the transaction were not made available, other than to say the deal was an “all-cash transaction.” The United Rail statement says the company is awaiting final operating authority from the state of New Hampshire to begin operations. United Rail operates U.S. Rail and several private-car and specialty train operations.
  by thebigham
Congrats to the former owner. Are you retiring?

Best of luck to United Rail!
  by FatNoah
I'd love to know what plans United Rail has for this line. AFAIK, there are only a small handful of moves each year, so I'm not sure what made it an attractive acquisition. Hopefully it's not just for the locomotive. I'd love to see more industry in NH and more action along the line.
  by Rockguy
From the little research I have done it appears this company owns no other freight railroads. Any one have any more info?
  by baldy
Rock Guy: check unitedrailinc.com. It will give you a little more info. Owns Winnimac Southern, Santa Fe Southern as well as Detriot Toledo and Iornton. (Thought they were merged into GTW, or is this a new operation). Hope they can get new business, or, they might have bought it for the locomotive!!!!!
  by Rockguy
From what I can tell the winimac southern lease ended 12/31/18 as the original press release said 10 yr lease from 2008 when us rails lease ended. No press release from a public company on the lease renewal probably means it wasn’t renewed. The Santa Fe was shut down after a year but still says it does private charters not sure if they actually have done one since closing. Not sure on DTI but can’t find any info. Surely there are easier ways to get a locomotive so doubt that is it. Just a bizarre transaction that hurts nh freight traffic. There isn’t enough revenue for full time staff so I’m guessing they are going to fly crews in when 3m wants a car. Should be a requirement that any firm leaseing the line needs an actual location of business in nh using nh residents. Any revenue they make just leaves the state now which hurts the state.
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