Discussion relating to the operations of MTA MetroNorth Railroad including west of Hudson operations and discussion of CtDOT sponsored rail operations such as Shore Line East and the Springfield to New Haven Hartford Line

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  by EuroStar
Adding more stops makes sense only if the existing stops cannot accommodate the ridership (e.g. no more parking spaces) or if there is a location which would get lots of foot traffic reducing the parking stress on the neighbouring stations. Neither of those seemed to be all close here, so spending the money now was not justified. Adding a station at Devon might make sense for decongestion, but I am not sure how pressing that is either. I have not been up that way in ages.
  by dha10001
From the beginning this station was sold as an economic development project for East Bridgeport. There is quite a bit of vacant and underused land around the station area that was thought to be attractive for major future TOD. You can see all of that planned out in detail in the Barnum Station Transit-Oriented Development Master Plan and Adaptive Reuse Strategy linked below. The plan to build two island platforms in order to serve local and express trains was seen as a way to give Bridgeport an express top comparable to Stamford and New Haven that would support a future Local + Express service plan by MNR and Amtrak intercity trains. Presumably Amtrak trains would no longer stop at the downtown Bridgeport station. However, this project just doesn't rank on the list of priorities for the New Haven Line, let alone the fact there's no money. I also suspect the Amazon HQ2 announcement dealt a blow to this project by demonstrating that the new jobs this project was meant to attract are much more likely to get created in existing urban areas rich with high tech jobs, skilled workers, amenities, etc. New Haven and Stamford are CT's best bets for attracting those jobs so resources should be spent there, rather than trying to make a very uncompetitive city competitive.

https://www.bridgeportct.gov/content/34 ... 42443.aspx" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Also, building train stations solely in response to the need to provide more commuter parking spots and then dedicating the land around such stations to expensive surface or structured parking is an outdated, inefficient, and unsustainable model. If you want to complain about an excess of stations on the New Haven Line, in Fairfield County, that strategy is the culprit.
  by Jeff Smith
Pushback: https://www.ctpost.com/local/article/Of ... 560130.php" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Didn’t know the grant was rescinded.
A federal grant originally awarded for the station in 2015 was rescinded at the end of 2016 by the Obama administration because the state was unable to pay the cost of designing and building the station, the mayor’s office said.
“We understand the desire to advance the Barnum Station and will continue to work with the city and the General Assembly. As we set priorities for the next few years, all of our rail facilities will be evaluated for future enhancement,” said CTCOT Commissioner Joseph J. Giulietti in a prepared statement in the news release sent out by the mayor’s office.
  by Jeff Smith
Agree. It only makes sense if it simplifies Waterbury operation. Which it really doesn’t. You’re still running a low-ridership train in the main, even if you turn it at a pocket track.
  by Traingeek3629
Was Devon Transfer torn down? I haven't been paying attention much the last few times I rode.

If it wasn't, it would be best to keep it, add a second side platform, and two staircases up to Naugatuck Ave to connect the platform. 1 bench per platform and possibly a small bus shelter is all that is needed. This would function as a small walkup station, as there wouldn't be room for a lot larger than 10-15 spaces. Although it would probably be limited service, it would be nice to have.
  by Roadgeek Adam
Devon Transfer was designed with temp platforms. The station is already gone and has been for a while.
  by njt/mnrrbuff
I have said this before, regarding the Devon Transfer Station. Plenty of people heading down the Waterbury Branch are heading to Bridgeport to head to doctor's, counseling, and other appointments. Many are probably also heading to work in other cities so I'm not sure if those people would appreciate having to change trains at a permanent Devon Transfer Station when Bridgeport is just down the road.
  by Backshophoss
The Waterbury mini's are too slow,and waste a mainline track slot and then having to clear up at east Bridgeport yard to lay up between runs
Devon station could allow for more service to/from Waterbury and who want to go to Bridgeport if you are headed to New Haven!

Barnum would only add unwanted congestion in the Bridgeport area!!!!
  by nomis
Operationally, the primary benefit would of been for Amtrak trains vs. the current moves at Bridgeport now.
  by Jeff Smith
So let’s let a one seat ride for a dozen people throw several tracks on the busiest rail corridor in the US into chaos. Wrong answer. Devon Transfer with an overpass type station like on the Hartford line makes sense. Doesn’t even have to be that fancy. Well timed transfers minimize any inconvenience, and with an overpass you open up New Haven as a transfer.

Amtrak makes something like 5 stops a day each way in Bridgeport. There’s no need to move them or create a $300m station.
  by Roadgeek Adam
Devon Transfer has to be a stop accessible to cars the next time they try it. It would mean a small parking lot in the wye, but any parking is better than none.
  by GirlOnTheTrain
Why, you have Fairfield Metro with oodles of parking 5 minutes further down the road from Bridgeport, if you're coming down from the upper valley and can't be bothered to ride the branch, using back roads instead of 8 to 95 is a waste of time.
  by Roadgeek Adam
For people who live in Devon. Parking or a kiss and ride at Devon would mean less cars on 95 trying to cross in rush hour having to go from Devon to Stratford.
  by Jeff Smith
And add a crossing? It’s just not necessary. There are other, better options for what would be a limited, Branch-service station.
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