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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by scottso699
David wrote:Beautiful!!!! More pictures please. On that first picture, is that the Tom's River secondary to the left?
Hi David,

That is the siding they used to use for hopper car loading. My dad said he has some pictures of that siding too (nothing happening that direction) that he will send me and i will post too.
I never thought we would see the day....incredible stuff! Anyone have any further info re: Clayton's involvement in any of this? Seems to go wayyyyy beyond the usual spring cleaning we've seen done in years past....

I think we can unlock that thread now.
  by jrzwalker86
The rail around Union Ave in Lakehurst and through Whiting is 125lb. It was rolled in the 20s. The new crossings below Lakehurst have 136lb.
  by southern sec. kid
Took a drive to the entrance of Clayton's pit today and they have bulldozed the line about a quarter or so of a mile looking towards lakehurst. No stacks of ties down there yet
  by pdtrains
Lets hope this isnt a tax dodge, or a minimum upgrade required to maintain a contract or agreement. Seen that happen before. It looks pretty good...its just someone out there, somewhere, is in charge of all this and knows what's going on. Where are they?
  by southern sec. kid
Another fresh stack of thousands of ties were dropped off at rt. 539 (? I believe that's the road) and crews were working down in Lakehurst today laying more ties.

David, I'm using my phone and its not letting me post Photos. Once I get back on a computer I'll surely post them
  by David
Thanks for the info, Kid---Keep us updated. I will be there in Lakehurst in July to see for myself all the progress.
  by glennk419
Fortunately it's the advance warning sign and not the flashers / gate. Looks like it went flying and got snagged on the guy wire for the telephone pole.
  by glennk419
rr503 wrote:Does the CMSL still ship sand cars out of tuckahoe?
Yes, the sand loading has begun again this year.
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