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  by Crabman1130
Doc Emmet Brown wrote:If you see an MP-15 towing a DM or DE, its one of two things. A roustabout taking an Engine Back to the shops, or a Change of Engines.
Do they ever run them light? I've always heard of them being towed.
  by Train2009
#166 was near the fuel pad at Morris Park this morning, #158 was the Jamaica switcher and #161 was running lite past Bellerose at 10:46 AM westbound to Queens.
  by AlKaLI
#158 was gone as the Jamaica protect last evening (5:40 PM) but returned for this morning (7:00 AM)

Last night #160 & # 167 were on Sandite duty. They passed my stopped train at Woodside (5:30 PM) heading west on the inner eastbound main. Icy last night.
  by Train2009
#154 was the Jamaica switcher today, #161 and #164 were seen in Queens Village on RF1 with a Gondola Car this morning at 10:50 AM headed to Holban Yard. #161 and #164 were seen again at 12:58/12:59 PM this afternoon headed to Belmont Park then returned at 1:29 PM as it was headed back to Hicksville.
  by runningwithscalpels
160 and another that I was too lazy to pay attention to the number of were coupled to E401 for the sandite train in Hicksville last night around 6:15, shortly thereafter it departed east.
  by 4400Washboard
Saw a MP15AC with what I believe was a Sperry car right by the bridge near the intersection of 48 street and barnett avenue (Go on google maps) in NYC. It's near the sunnyside yard. This sighting was a bit before 5:30 PM

Edit: Still there 7:15 AM 2/18
  by Train2009
#172 and #152 were seen at Morris Park near the fuel pad this morning, #157 and #164 were on RF1 with 5 tie cars and 2 gondola cars at 10:38 AM as it was headed west past Carle Place. #157 and #164 went back to Hicksville at 2:08 PM this afternoon, #167 was the Jamaica switcher.
  by Train2009
#172 was in front of the fuel pad at Morris Park this morning, #152 was the Jamaica switcher, #164 and #157 were seen twice in Queens Village, at 10:23 AM headed west from Hicksville light and at 1:36 PM this afternoon with 3 gondola cars from Fresh Pound.
  by railfan365
Last Friday, after a business appointment, I was walk on 130th Street toward Jamaica Avenue and I saw 172 doing maneuvers on the 130th Street overpass, near 92nd Avenue. It went West, glass out, pulling 2 flatcars and a crane, and the running light to the East, LHF.
  by MNCRR9000
This morning around 1am was waiting for the 110am train to Hicksville and 6 came through on one of the outer tracks.
  by Train2009
#168 was the Jamaica switcher today, at 12:27 PM this afternoon #163,#166 and #153 went by Bellerose headed eastbound from Queens with a Ballast train.
  by Train2009
A bit late post: #167 was the Jamaica switcher power on 4/4. Meanwhile this morning 4/21 #157,#158, #160 were seen at Morris Park on the Fuel pad, #164 was the Jamaica switcher, the Holban switcher with #154 for power was seen twice this afternoon in Queens, 1. at 12:50 PM pulling mow cars to Belmont Park 2. at 1:22 PM it went back light to Holban.
  by AlKaLI
Saturday, 4-25-15 about 1:15 PM, Coming back from food shopping, decided to take Sunrise Hwy. Btw Seaford and Wantagh caught an LIRR MofW train holding at the interlocking there. 160, 6 side dump cars, and 154 on the end held the westbound main #1. A WB mu train of M-7s came up from behind on track #2 and passed the MPs, took the crossover before Wantagh back to #1. Then an EB M-7 train finally could go east on #2. After the WB cleared, the very ratty looking MPs (paint jobs on these two are terrible) headed west.
!60 erupted with a cloud of white smoke. I know this weekend and following are trackwork weekends on the Babylon Branch.
  by SwingMan
I love how they look, no matter what anyone says otherwise. They all have a certain character under their latest paint job.
  by Train2009
#154 was the Jamaica switcher yesterday 6/6/2015.
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