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  by pollard7545
Ok, i'm going to quote the dates from the book "Atlantic City Railroad".

1839: Glass Works at Williamstown established- fairly prosperous up until about 1865 even though it was 9 miles from the railroad at Atco.
1867:9.25 mile connection from Atco to Atsion was built by New Jersey Southern Railroad to reach the Glass Works there.
1871: Charter of the Williamstown Railroad Company to be built from Atco to Williamstown.
1873: Track laying begins south from Atco station towards Williamstown. Track laying stopped at Robanna, 1.7 miles west of Williamstown.
1881: Williamstown Railroad went bankrupt.
1883: Track laying continued south to Glassboro, 7.36 miles to take advantage of the Glass Works there. Reading Railroad buys the Williamstown through a phantom name.
1888: Track laying continued on to Mullica Hill, 6.63 miles.
1889: Williamstown Branch incorporated into the Atlantic City Railroad, 22.69 miles.
1929: Passenger service south of Glassboro to Mullica Hill was discontinued.
1933: Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines is born. Under the merger agreement, 7.3 miles between Williamstown Junction and Williamstown was abandoned. The rest would follow later.

By the way, I need the road crossings for the entire Newfield Branch which closed shop in the mid 60's from Newfield to Pedred.

  by Steam man
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  by pollard7545
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