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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by pollard7545
As you know I am making a Cab Ride project for the BVE based on the PRSL. In order to do that I have to convert all things with mileposts into meters since the program is based on the metric system. Now I am in the middle doing that, but I have a few requests that require your vast knowledge of the PRSL:
Do you have any information for the Williamstown Branch that ran from Atco to Mullica Hill? I'm looking for stations, road crossings, interlockings, signals, etc. I need mileposts for these as well.

Do you have any information for the Elmer Branch that ran from Elmer to Alloway Junction and on to Quinton? Again I need anything that you can give to me.

Do you have any information for the Stone Harbor Branch that ran from Woodbine Junction to Avalon, Townsends Inlet and on to Stone Harbor? Once again any information that you can give to me, including the maps would be greatly appreciated and noted in the program when done.

Also how were the signals laid out? AMTRAK signals run about every two miles excluding interlockings.

Thanks again for all of your help. :-)

  by Steam man
The Williamstown Branch in PRSL days was cut back from the original ACRR/Reading Co. branch, but I don't know what date is was done. If you could give an approximate year you are trying for it would help, as the railroad cahnged a lot over the years and major portions were lost after the merger in 1933 due to duplicate routes.

  by EugeneV.Debs
The Mullica Hill to Glassboro portion was abandoned in 1950.