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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by pollard7545
I am planning on making a program for the BVE Train Simulator based on the PRSL. The lines that I am planning on making are as follows:
Atlantic City Main Line: Camden to Atlantic City
Millville Branch: Camden to Woodbine Junction
Clementon/Cape May Branch: Camden to Cape May
Grenloch Branch: Camden to Grenloch
Penns Grove Branch: Woodbury to Deepwater Point
Salem Branch: Woodbury to Salem
Bridgeton Branch: Glassboro to Bridgeton
Williamstown/Mullica Hill Branch: Atco to Mullica Hill
Elmer Branch: Elmer to Alloway
Newfield Branch: Newfield to Atlantic City
Ocean City Branch: Tuckahoe to Ocean City
Wildwood Branch: Wildwood Junction to Cold Spring Harbor
Stone Harbor Branch: Woodbine Junction to Stone Harbor
CNJ's Winslow Branch: Red Bank to Bivalve

As you can see, this is a very large project and since BE involves a lot of computer coding, I don't expect to be done with the entire project for the next two years. I have been working for AMTRAK as a Conductor for 15 years now and I do have a lot of PRSL information given to me by fellow Conductors and Engineers.
If you are a user of BVE, then you know how great this program is. If anyone has any information that can be of help to me, please let me know. I want to do this right so that everybody can experience what it was like to run P.R.S.L. trains.

  by Steam man
Please fell free to contact me about any questions you might have concerning the interlockings and towers for your project. I am a former block operator for the Seashore Lines and still have many interlocking charts,rule books,timetables,etc. from the late 1960's and early 1970's. Good luck on your project.

  by pollard7545
Thank you very much, Staem Man. You don't happen to be from the South Jersey area are you?

  by Steam man
I live in the Franklinville area in lower Gloucester County. If you want to setup a get togther, I'm up for it. I have Microsoft Train Sim, is BVE a different platform?
  by pollard7545
I am in Bridgeton so we are very close. I can give you all of the information on BVE and you will like it! Maybe we can work on this together when you understand the format.

  by JJMDiMunno
If you wouldn't mind, please keep all further inquiries concerning this BVE simulation on this thread, in order to keep the forum from becoming cluttered with excessive numbers of threads. Temporarily, I'm going to lock the other two threads named "Question for Steam Man", I'll leave them for about two weeks and then delete them. This is so that anyone that wishes to can copy any important information out of those threads before I do the housecleaning.

Just trying to clean things up over here a little bit...

Take care.

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