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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by roymickle
Hello All,

I have some slides of a steam excursion in May 1968 from Haddonfield area to Cape May and need some information.

1) Where was the pickup point? I know it was on the old Reading line.
http://www.albumtown.com/showpic.php?uu ... pid=159597

2) Where was the photo run-by location?
http://www.albumtown.com/showpic.php?uu ... pid=159599

Here’s what I know:

Trip was put together by the West Jersey Chapter of the NRHS.

The steam engine was from Steamtown. See http://www.ocsteam.com/1278/ for history and current condition.
http://www.albumtown.com/showpic.php?uu ... pid=159598

The equipment was brought down the CNJ to Winslow Jct. then to Camden.
http://www.albumtown.com/showpic.php?uu ... pid=159596

  by JJMDiMunno
roymickle wrote:1) Where was the pickup point? I know it was on the old Reading line.
http://www.albumtown.com/showpic.php?uu ... pid=159597
I'm getting a Haddon Heights kinda feeling from that photo for some reason...seems like between Station Avenue and Clements Bridge Road, with the rear end just clear of Station Avenue...

And the runby location I cannot help you with, at least yet...I'll assume you were on an overpass? I can't even guess right now...

Mike DiMunno

  by Steam man
I rode this trip in 1968 and it ran from Camden and boarded where Yorkship station used to be,on No.2 track between Morgan Blvd and Brown Tower. The train then backed up through Brown Interlocking and crossed over to No.1 and went down the Clementon Branch,which was all former ACRR trackage. There was a second boarding at Haddon Heights and then we took on water at Laurel Springs. The photo runby looks more like Braddock, but to tell you the truth,I can't remember if it was or not. The train consisted of 14 cars,mostly PRSL P-70's with others mixed in. This was most certainly a full load for the light Pacific,but she still did a good job of making track speed of 70 mph most of the trip. The engine was stored inside New York Ship after arriving mid week and was repainted during it's stay there. There was a stop at Tuckahoe for water before proceeding on to Cape May. On the return trip, the engine ran backwards on the front of the train and we stopped at Wildwood Jct. and turned the engine on the wye there. Then it was off to the races up the Cape May Branch at full throttle like the old days of the Wildwood trains wtih the G-3's and K-4's. I say full throttle as there was someone on the train clocking our speed and they said we were making track speed of 70 mph or a little better. I also had to oppurtunity to ride the deadhead move from Winslow Jct. on the CNJ to Williamstown Jct. that was arranged by my Pop who was the station agent at Williamstown Jct. I was also given a copy of the train orders from Mary who was the agent/operator at Winslow Jct for the CNJ,for the move on the CNJ from Lakewood to Winslow Jct(yes, I still have them). Hope this was of some help.

  by roymickle
Thanks Steam Man, all the replies have been helpful.