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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by Aireroscoe
Many years ago I lived next to the spur that served Armstrong Cork in south Millville. Recall it being drilled by steam locomotives and later, diesels, which I assume were Baldwins.

Armstrong had two light industrial locomotives that were used to bring cars from the spur into and out of their plant.

Just wondering if anyone here recalls what types of locomotives Armstrong had and what their disposition might have been.

Also wondering what models and road numbers the Baldwins assigned to Millville might have been.

Thanks for any memories that those here might be able to clarify.

  by CarterB
Here's at least some of the Armstrong units;

ML-8 PLYMOUTH 3963 3/38 Sold in 1941 to Draper
Corporation. Then resold to
Beebe River RR. Resold by
BeebeRiver to Narraga nsett
Pier as their #33,then to
Warwick RR as #103. Sold by
Warwick after being rebuilt
by Plymouth to Armstrong
Cork #4 in Millville, NJ and
resold again.

Foster Forbes Glass Ply 45T MDT#5, Millville NJ 2005, blt 1968 cn6618, ex National Glass, exx Kerr Glass, nee Armstrong Cork

  by Aireroscoe
Thanks so much for your very prompt reply.

Had guessed that what the people at Armstrong called the "dummy" was a Plymouth but the memory, that of a six year old over fifty years ago, had become vague. I did recall a grill in front of the radiator, the exhaust stack having been real close to the front of the hood, and the general configuration of the locomotive. The ML-8, identified as Armstrong 4, seems to fit the bill.

The other unit CarterB listed, Armstrong 5, was built too late to fit the early 1950s timeframe.

My recollection is that there was a second unit in the engine barn that was located at Railroad Avenue and South Second Street. Don't recall ever having seen it run. Now guessing that it might have been Armstrong 3, given the identification of Armstrong 4 and 5.

Again, thanks much...you gave me great clues to a question that's been running through my mind for some time.

  by CarterB
Here's pics of ML-8s (second/third row from the bottom)


  by Aireroscoe
Yes, thanks very much. I'd found these too while searching for ML-8s.

Although Armstrong's Plymouth was green, it seemed most similar to the Parr Terminal one shown on the page you linked.

Short, stubby exhaust stack, small headlight right over the radiator, beefy grill, and it seems I recall a sand dome, maybe even the bell.

Can't recall ever having seen a number on it, but perhaps there was one.

Started out as B&M number 101, then to Draper and so on as has been noted. Not all of the roster lists I've found have been in agreement, and one lists Narragansett as selling the unit in 1959, which would be too late, as I'd seen it...if it is the same unit (and I think it is) in the early 1950s.

Again, interesting trying to piece this together, and thanks so much for your help.