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  by prr60
rrbluesman wrote:Is there an online link to see that editorial article?

  by chuchubob
Jtgshu wrote:Are these cars owned outright by the CMSL or are they the URHS cars that are leased to the CMSL?

Personally i think that ugly movie theatre looks worse than the cars sitting there.............
The URHS cars are in Tuckahoe, and are kept looking good.
  by glennk419
drifty1 wrote:It would be easier to drag them South as soon as the bridge is functional. It may have to be done in several moves. How Many Cars are there? Is it 12 or more? If they can roll they can travel at slow speeds...........Even if it has to be 1 or 2 cars at a time.....................2 years after they said they can do it is spitting into the wind.... they are asking to be declared bad neighbors
There are currently 5 RDC's and 2 coaches on the siding south of Rt 47, plus the CNJ "Tempel" in the yard. There were also a few additional coaches at Wildwood Junction which were severely deteriorated, not sure if they're still there. As stated above, the primary inhibitor to moving the cars is getting a locomotive south of the washout in Dennis Twp. While the ROW remains largely clear of brush, a full inspection would also be necessary before any kind of movement. The cars themselves would certainly need some brake work before they could be safely moved, especially given the 20+ miles to Tuckahoe.

From the pictures in the ACP article, it looks like the vandalism is also continuing. I would hope that piping and wiring has not also been removed as is so prevalent in today's high scrap price environment. I find it very hard to believe that the police or no one else noticed someone removing the valve train cover from one of the engines. Maybe if more time was spent performing true crime prevention beyond issuing tickets, this would have never become the problem that it has.

  by JJMDiMunno
As far as I know, the Tex Mex cars on the south leg of the wye at Wildwood Junction are still there, but in terrible shape. I'm not sure if there's intentions to move those also.

I've been told that CMSL does intend on resuming service between Cape May and Cape May Courthouse at some point...so some sort of equipment will have to be stored there at Rio Grande on a nightly basis at that time. I hope the vandals will leave the operational equipment alone when the time comes. And before anyone reminds me that there's a fenced in yard down there where they can store stuff...I remind everyone that fences don't mean too much to those types of folks.

Mike DiMunno

  by blockline4180
JJMDiMunno wrote: I've been told that CMSL does intend on resuming service between Cape May and Cape May Courthouse at some point...so some sort of equipment will have to be stored there at Rio Grande on a nightly basis at that time.
Mike DiMunno
Well, I do envision Cape May City to Tuckahoe/Richland service sometime in my life. If and when they can fix up the rails in the CMCH vicinity and then north of Woodbine remains to be seen. However, once they do get the money I can see CMSL picking passengers up in Cape May then flying through Middle Township without stoping giving them all in Rio Grande and Cape May Courthouse a nice one-fingered salute! :P

  by lv414
TEX-MEX cars have been at Winslow on the SRNJ for at least the past ten years.

  by chuchubob
My fuzzy memory suggests that the coaches near Wildwood Jct were PRR coaches.


  by JJMDiMunno
They are indeed of PRR heritage...P-70's, my brain failed me. Sorry about that one :)

Mike DiMunno
  by south jersey trains
The Mayors of Buena Vista Twp and Woodbine NJ are VERY pro railroad,they are great,its just Middle Township that is the problem.Already 2 new sets of crossing gates on Main Ave and Landis ave BVT have been completed and rt 552 and 557 intersection(Milmay) is being worked on presently with new gates,larger lights and a rebuilt track bed crossing rt552 is being constructed on May 12 and 13 at this intersection.The intersection will be completed in the middle of june.Call state senator Jeff Van Drew 856 293 8353 about getting the track repaired below Woodbine,its in his district,let him know you want the track fixed and rail service into Wildwood and Cape May.Let your voice be heard! Nows the time when they are working on the budget,also call senator Frank Lantenburg 856 338 8922, hes pro railroad,get some of our federal money back to New Jersey.Also for restoring service from Shore Mall in Egg Harbor twp to Atlantic City call State Senator Jim Whelan 609383 1388.Tell him to get service restored,the tracks there,just needs some improvements. Thanks

  by prsl7668
VanDrew wants nothing to do with the CMSL after the problems in Middle.

  by George W. Rosenzweig
Don't be so sure about VanDrew. There is enormous (albeit tacit) pressure on him to resolve the ongoing issues in the Rio Grande area: gangs, escalating violence, major drug problems, homelessness, and, funnily enough, graffiti all over the Middle Township region.
  by south jersey trains
Well PRSL ,if Jeff Van Drew wants nothing to do with the CMSL because of Middle Twps ,than I voted for the wrong person. But I believe senator Van Drew is a nice guy with good ideas and is trying to do a good job.As smart as he is ,Im sure he wont blame the CMSL because Middle Twp has some vandels and cant control them.Anybody in their right mind wont blame the victim which is the CMSL ! I read most of your posts prsl and they always seem negitive toward the CMSL, are you pro railroad or not?.Maybe you live in Middle Twp and not Stone Harbor and are one of the residents complaining about the trains?Anyway sooner or later the train will go through and we can work on another project.

  by lv414
Blame the vandals but not the railroad for promising to move the cars when the railroad had the chance. The only politicans who support the line are two small town mayors and the rest have bailed on the railroad. With the state cutting money left and right, don't expect any funding to bail the CMSL out anytime soon.
  by Douglas John Bowen
Sidestepping the issue of whether "small" town mayors should be automatically dismissed as small-time political players, NJ-ARP will note that there appear to be at least four small municipalities supporting current rail advocacy efforts on the Cape May Branch: Buena Vista (Richland), Upper (Tuckahoe), Woodbine Borough, and Dennis Township.

Perhaps one or more of those entities aren't classified as "small." Regardless, NJ-ARP, no giant itself, thanks those allies it has in this matter.

  by JJMDiMunno
Guys, this is just a reminder before this turns into yet another flame-a-thon that I have to spend 5 hours fixing...can we please redirect our comments to the original topic at hand here, which was the BOH taking action against the CMSL. Any factual updates on the status of this situation would be welcome here...


Here's the deal here guys. If you're going to say something, please have some sort of documentation to back it up. If Joe Shmoe says that Mr. Politician supports railroads in Cape May County, and Jane Doe says that the same Mr. Politician does not, then what would be really nice is either Mr. Shmoe or Ms. Doe coming up with some sort of tangible documentation supporting their claims. Otherwise, it's all downhill as the name-calling begins and we all don our flame resistant suits, while no one really has any proof that what they're saying is true, besides thinking that "at one time, I'm pretty sure I heard Mr. Politician say this".

This sort of thing should apply anywhere, not just on this forum. It's the basis of a good argument or discussion...think about it. If you use a good source of information to back up your claim, even if it turns out that source of information was wrong, you at least take the blame off yourself since you at least made an attempt to support your comment. This also applies in other areas of this forum. For example, concerning CMSL service to Cape May. If you physically see a CMSL train running to Cape May, by all means post it here. If you read in the Courier Post newspaper (a relatively reliable publication) that CMSL ran a train to Cape May last week, by all means post it here. BUT if your brother's best friend's sister's cousin's mother saw a CMSL train running to Cape May last week, that's not going to work out...can you support that?

This just seems to be common sense to me. In conclusion - don't post something in a public forum if you can't back up the claim.

Mike DiMunno