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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by pumpers
As I can find from the web, there were 3 ferry terminals in Camden:
1. Reading Terminal at foot of Kaighn St
2. PRR at foot of Federal St.
3. PRR at foot of Vine St.

When was service from each abandoned?
Was service centralized at one after PRSL was formed?
What was the different role of the two PRR terminals?

I think I heard the Kaighn St terminal burned in 50's, but I'm not sure.
THanks, JS

  by CarterB
Not to directly answer your questions, however, some great old post cards of the terminals you mention:

http://www.dvrbs.com/postcards/CamdenNJ ... erries.htm

Vine St.
"The last run of the ferry was made on October 31, 1926, only a few months after the opening of the then new bridge."

Kaighn Avenue Ferry
"In the spring of 1922, work began on a new ferry and railroad terminal, which was completed in 1924. Sadly, the new facility was doomed almost as soon as it opened, as the Delaware River Bridge was opened for traffic in 1926"

Federal St.
Don't know of any reference to this one as to it's demise. But maps show it as a ferry on the PRR and postcards show it as well.
A reference is made to "March 31, 1952—the last day of ferry service on the Delaware River between Camden and Philadelphia." but not which ferry, although it probably is Federal St.

  by EugeneV.Debs
Kaighn Point closed before WWII I believe, if I remember the book Atlantic City Railroad correctly. Also, does anyone have pictures of the ferry slips at Kaign Point as they currently are. They were still there as of 5 years ago. I'd like to see them before they are gone.

  by louisfols
Don't see them on Google earth. Also Bulson street ones gone.

  by EugeneV.Debs
Actually the ferry slips are a little south of the actual Kaighn's Point. They are there on Google Earth. They are 4 little nubs. They are not full slips. But they are definitely there. Good idea, I never even thought to look that way.

  by louisfols
Wish the PRR ones were still there also. My grandfather worked there for 49 years. Funny-now another ferry running.

  by David
louisfols wrote:Wish the PRR ones were still there also. My grandfather worked there for 49 years. Funny-now another ferry running.

My grandfathher worked for the PRR for 49 years also. Worked out of Philadelphia 30th Street Station. Lived in Haddonfield.