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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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Hi everyone,
Well, it was another good day out on the railroad, with Florida Dave on July 8th. Nick joined us once again from North Jersey, and we went about our business here in South Jersey.

Our first stop was Winslow, where nothing much was happening on a Sunday morning. After walking around the area a bit, we proceeded south on the ex-CNJ to the bridge at Collings Lakes. There, we were surprised by the presence of the SRNJ's trash car fleet, which are to be used eventually to service the future trash facility near Egg Harbor, on the Atlantic City Line:
http://www.sjrail.com/DailyPhotos/July8 ... shCars.jpg

Following that stop by route 322, we proceeded south on the ex-CNJ to Vineland. Along the way, we noticed that a significant amount of brush was growing up once again between the rails due to the fact that they still have yet to be used. It looks like further brush cutting will be necessary before those tracks are pressed into service.

Following the visit to Vineland, we made our way over to Tuckahoe to check out progress on the Cape May Seashore Lines. We found nothing much different at Tuckahoe than our previous visits, though we took a walk around the area anyway.

We proceeded to Woodbine following the visit to Tuckahoe, to examine the new track there for industrial freight service. We discovered that CMSL most likely anticipates expansion of sorts in Woodbine, as they installed a switch on the spur to Modern Gas which could continue straight while the Modern Gas spur breaks away. Dave and Nick examine track just past the switch in question in this view at Woodbine:
http://www.sjrail.com/DailyPhotos/July8 ... eTrack.jpg

Following our examination of the complete Modern Gas track, we proceeded up to the location of the junction itself, and the former connecting track. There, we found CMSL storing LPG tanks on the main just north of the switch:
http://www.sjrail.com/DailyPhotos/July8 ... Tanks1.jpg

Seashore Lines is also storing additional empty LPG tanks on the former connecting track for the PRSL:
http://www.sjrail.com/DailyPhotos/July8 ... Tanks2.jpg

Following our walk around Woodbine, we proceeded south towards the shore, to Rio Grande. There, we examined the vintage 1950's historical equipment which has been vandalized ruthlessly. This was the first time I've seen it in person since the worst of it happened, and any photographs one sees online do not do it justice. It truly is a shame to see such equipment in such a condition.

On the way home, we made our way to Mays Landing, where we visited the abandoned station on the former Newfield Branch. As this has been thoroughly documented elsewhere, I did not include photographs here.

That concludes this historical trip...look for details of this Sunday's upcoming excursion on the 15th, coming soon.

Mike DiMunno