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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by JJMDiMunno
Hey guys,
When the ACRR's mainline which ran parallel to the WJS main south of Winslow to Atlantic City was abandoned in 1933, the PRSL retained a portion of the ACRR in two communities. One was Hammonton, and the other was Egg Harbor. These were retained to serve local industries.

The Hammonton portion was still in service into the 80's, under operation of the Shore Fast Line. I've seen this, and the many remains that are still there. What I'm inquiring about is the Egg Harbor portion. Does anyone know when this was last used, and where it was located? This area is due to be on one of the Dave and Mike historical adventures coming up in the coming Sundays...

Not sure if there's anything left there, but I'm interested none-the-less.

Thanks in advance guys!

Mike DiMunno

  by JimBoylan
Based on 1983 recollections:
Traveling East on Reading Ave. between Hammonton and Egg Harbor City, I can remember "splitting" concrete signal bases as I got close to Egg Harbor. Eventually the avenue became a pair of ruts on the South side of the ballast and rotten ties as I got near the new P-RSL connection. That had been an S turn for trains heading from Atlantic City that ran from near Hamburg and Atlantic Aves. to near Roosevelt and Reading Aves. It was aimed to be a trailing points switch on the Atlantic City bound P-RSL track. A train from the Egg Harbor City Reading station would head towards Hammonton, then reverse for a direct move to Atlantic City. There was one rail in the sand at the NorthWest corner of Reading Ave. (Broad St.) and N.J. Rte. 50 (Philadelphia Ave.). I don't know what the customers were.

There were 2 more remnants.
The Germania Society for the Preservation and Culture of Cranberries on the NorthEast corner of Cologne Ave. and Aloe St. in Cologne retained its siding along the old Reading line, but had it connected by a trailing points switch to the Atlantic City bound P-RSL track. Southern RR of New Jersey may still run the part East of Main St., Pleasantville to somewhere in the meadows near West Atlantic City.

  by SteelWheels21
Mike...right across the street from the station there is a park, I believe there may be remnants of a siding embedded in the grass, but my memory is foggy.