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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by choochoochuck272
So does anyone know how P-RSL operations were affected by the March 1962 storm?

  by PRSL1972
To my knowledge the main from hammonton to ac was damaged to the extent that it was removed. this is why the acl is the way it is today.

  by Steam man
PRSL1972 wrote:To my knowledge the main from hammonton to ac was damaged to the extent that it was removed. this is why the acl is the way it is today.
Could you elaborate on this a bit? What was removed from where and how did it result in the current configuration of the railroad?

  by JimBoylan
The 1962 removal was probably in the meadows between Absecon and Atlantic City. In 1982, some of the embankment for the second track was missing, possibly washed away in the storm.

  by PRSL1972
I have a video of nj dot bud car starting out at ac and going to hammonton. the year is 1980 I believe, and there is only 1 track except for interlockings.

  by choochoochuck272
How were the lines down to Ocean City, Wildwood, and Cape May affected?

  by prr60
The double track line into Atlantic City was washed-out in the March 1962 storm and was restored as a single track line. I cannot recall any specifics about the cross-meadows lines into Ocean City and Wildwood. But I would guess both were washed-out and restored.

I was 14 at the time and my uncle was a year-rounder in Stone Harbor (a rarity then). We rode down to visit about a week after the storm (needed National Guard permission to go on the island). The sights were indescribable. Sections of the highways across the meadows had been washed-out with a temporary road thrown into place. Houses were off the foundations and sitting in the middle of the street or some were out in the bay. And, without permission, I sneaked past Guard barricades out to the beach and saw the total devastation from about 85th street north with the old seawall splintered and gone and the ocean front homes in ruins. That was 45 years ago and the memory is still vivid.

  by mitch kennedy
Well, I looked in some books and ETT's. As noted, the line was single tracked from a new point, Tide, an interlocking controlled from Atlantic, to Atlantic itself. This was 50 mpph, rule 261 (CTC) controlled by Atlantic. The remainder was double tracked through 1967 or 68, as my 1964 ETT shpwa track 1 and 2 in service all the way to Tide, just east of Absecon, with 70mph speed for passenger and 50 mph for freight. After this was single tracked, no doubt because there was not traffic density to warrant it, it was converted to single track, manual block from Winslow to Atlantic, with block stations (not the same as the K-card type!) at Ham (Hammonton), Egg (Egg Harbor City) and Gate. I'm surprised Gate stayed in as the race trains were all but done at this point. It wasn't til 71 that the line from Winslow to Kirk was completely single tracked, altho this partwas entirely ctc'd from Winslow. Somebody have exact dates for winslow to Tide single tracking?