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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by mitch kennedy
Hi-thought I'd throw in a not-quite PRSL shot, but it was still a PRSL train symbol and crew on an ex-PRSL branch.. In May 76, CR diverted a lot of former CNJ Southern Div traffic over to Pavonia and took the old Bridgeton-Glassboro turn and made it a Pavonia-Bridgeton turn , using the same crew symbol, WY 379/380. This lasted til they put in the new connection at Vineland from the Millville Sec to the old CNJ.. The first one is WY 379 in Elmer, May 1977. The units are an ex PC SD-40 and SD45! The head brakeman has just "made the grab" after flagging the crossing as he heads towards Bridgeton. If you look closely, you can see the rails of the north leg of the wye for the old Daretown branch, utilized as a stub siding to a feed mill that was still served sporadically at this time.The second one is a set of nearly-new CR Paducah rebuilt GP9's with a PC GP9B in Glassboro, Jan 1977. Again-glad I skipped class!!
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  by CJPat
Nice photo. I do enjoy the shots you have posted.

  by JJMDiMunno
Keep 'em coming man! This is what we're all looking for here :)

There's relatively little of this line in existance photographically in the 60's and 70's too...so anything we can get on this would be welcome.

Mike DiMunno

  by Steam man
Mitch, I remember the long trains and the odd ball lashups too. I would see them at the Monroeville crossing quite frequently on my way to work in Bridgeton. Nice picture!

Here's a postcard I scanned of the same crossing in Elmer looking the other way from your shot. There is a passenger train sitting on the Daretown Branch on the west side of the station.

Sorry for the postcard damage, but it's the way I got it.

  by mitch kennedy
Hi-added a shot of wy379 in Glassboro Jan 77, with film processig courtesy of the publiactions darkroom in the Student Center!