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  by billlane
Hi Guys,

As Lou Fols was so kind to point out the Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines Historical Society has been resuscitated from a 20 year nap on 1-25-07. My little website statistics show thay you guys have been hitting the PRSLHS website big time making you the winners of the week.

I could have tried it here, or on Yahoo, but if I am going to be invovled, I wanted it to be different and personal. That is why we have PRSLHS personal pages. Your items don't just get thrown on the website, but put on your own page. I thought that was a great concept. There are items used on the main pages as well, but I had to fill the pages with something! If you have not seen the website yet give it a look. I am about to back off on promotion for now as we are getting near 100 people.

And yes, I thought the eBay ad was a great "get the word out" tool. I was very surprised that eBay let it run twice for the full week since I was not actually selling anything. Someone bid on it the second week and paid me the .01 via PayPal. True story...