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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by PRSL2005
The Atlantic City had P&R steam engines up to the P-RSL consolidation. They were not added to the P-RSL Roster. Why not? Like the WJ&S PRR locos were.

  by Steam man
If I had to venture a guess, I would say it was because the PRR had the majoity controlling interest in the PRSL (2/3 PRR-1/3 RDG). This also resulted in the Seashore Lines using the PRR Book of Rules,operating proceedures and so on. I'n not sure as to the actual ownership of the engines even though they were stencilled for the PRSL, as I could have been a lease or other corporate transfer deal much like the Long Island Railroad.
  by PRSL2005
Thanks so the PRSL leased eng. from The Reading and the PRR . but did they own or lease the Ex PRR eng. from the WJ&S ?
  by Steam man
PRSL2005 wrote:...... but did they own or lease the Ex PRR eng. from the WJ&S ?

There is no cut and dried answer that I can give here. The WJ&S was more or less just a corporate name of a wholly owned subsidiary of the owned by the PRR. And as such the motive power and rolling stock was supplied by the parent company, much like any other division of the PRR. There might have been a specific locomotive or two that was still on the PRR roster at the time of the merger, but it don't appear so from what I can find. I did find one picture from an unknown date described as Engine No.1-ex-WJ&S on the PRR roster at NE Railfan. But here again, it could have very well been a early PRR engine assigned corporately to the WJ&S. The picture is very old and the engine is a typical 19th century 8 wheeler. Here's the engine:


To add to your headaches on your quest, take a peek at the corporate shinanagins on this page of the leases and ownerships on this page:
http://broadway.pennsyrr.com/rail/prr/C ... /wj_s.html
If anyone has or has access to the WJ&S locomotive roster or assignments, maybe some more light can be shed on this subject.