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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by mitch kennedy
While we're delving into the 60's on the Clementon branch-anybody have info on the (I'll assume) weed spraying trains? I remember them sporadically, with some tank cars (Monsanto comes to mind for some reason..) and I would swear a tuscan round-roof P-70 as a crew rider car.. ring a bell with anyone? we're talking early 60's...
SLR Agent (Mitch)

  by Steam man
I recall the weed spraying trains as well. Mostly I think it's the smell I remember as it was pretty strong and had a definite odor of it's own. The chemical used was some kick butt stuff too. They would spray in the morning one day and everything in the trains path would be brown and dead the next. My Pop managed to get a gallon of the weed killer for use around his house. The crew foreman told him to mix it 1 gallon to 100 gallons of water and it still had a devasting effect on any vegetation. I think this is the round roof passenger car you are refering to Mitch:


By the way, here's a good site from PRR Railfan with beaucoup diagrams like the one above of engines and cars.

http://prr.railfan.net/diagrams/PRRdiag ... &sz=sm&fr=

  by PRSL1972
that is a lot of mixing!!!