• Tuckahoe Tower anniversary celebration Nov 4

  • Discussion relating to the PRSL
Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by glennk419

Excellent shots as always. I had been planning to come down to ride and try out my new EOS Rebel XT but unfortunately did not make it. The "couple up" in front of the tower must have brought back a lot of memories. Looks like it was a fun day and Mother Nature cooperated fully as well.


  by carajul
Do the tower levers still work and control switches? Does this trackage see any regular service or is it just for the tourist trains and parking old cars?

  by glennk419
The tower levers are all disconnected and while the configuration of the interlocking is still very much the same as it was when the tower was in service, all switches are now hand thrown. The trackage that runs by the tower is very much in service. CSX and NS run unit coal and oil trains to the Beesleys Point Generating Staion five to eight times a month. These trains run anywhere from 30-50 cars each. CMSL runs on Saturdays between Tuckahoe and Richland.