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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by Dana
Hello, I just returned from my annual trip to the Jersey Cape. I took some pictures of the Woodbine Junction Tower and the Rio Grande Station at Cold Spring.
Needless to say I should have had my notebook with me for recording dates built (and moving dates!). I need the information for our Western Connecticut NRHS Chapter publication The Manifest. We also operate the Sono Switch Tower Museum (uh oh, I'm veering from the main topic!).
Is there any one source where I can find information on the railroads in the area? Or do I need to patch together all the many pieces?
One other question is whether there was astation called Grey's. On a trip I took several years ago on the Cape May Seashore Lines a station was pointed out. It was very small and bare grey wood, on the east side of the tracks. I wish now I had found out the exact location so I could return and take a picture of it
Thank You!

  by glennk419
Dana, to answer your last question first, I believe the station that you are referring to is Wildwood Junction. It is still standing and is located approximately one mile north of Rio Grande. The station is privately owned (not by CMSL) and posted with No Trespassing signs. The wye to Wildwood is also still intact but heavily overgrown.

As far as a single source of information, that's a tough one. The South Jersey Railroad Museum in Tuckahoe would be a good place to start along with the other various historical societies. Unfortunately their website is currently down but some information can be found here: http://www.railmuseums.com/namerica/NEW_JERSEY/

Another good source of information is the SJRails website at http://www.sjrail.com/.

  by Dana
Glenn, Thanks for the links. Unfortunately I have a bad habit of researching sites after I have visited them. But I do go down there at least once a year from Connecticut.

  by glennk419
Dana, I was going through some old threads and came upon this.

http://forums.railfan.net/forums.cgi?bo ... ;start=100

Thought you might enjoy the pictures.