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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by glennk419
Once again, idiot politicians with nothing better to do than lay blame where it doesn't belong. Maybe if they would step up to the plate and recognize this for what it is...trespassing and vandalism...and start enforcing the LAW instead of whining about the cars being there, this crap would stop. Do we know what equipment was damaged? I wonder how Mayor Doughty and Deputy Mayor Leusner would feel if this destruction happened to their property!!!???

  by themallard
It's a real shame. It's not the Railroad's fault, it has existed for roughly a century. Why should it be blamed for the social problems of Rio Grande, and the ineffectiveness in the treatment of vagrants and vandals?

  by JJMDiMunno
And this, folks, is why they're looking to move their equipment to Tuckahoe...

And this will happen sooner rather than later, I hope...

Mike DiMunno

  by mgdemarco
Mike, is there more work that needs to be done at Tuckahoe before they can store the trains there?

The CMSL doesn't have a better place to keep its equipment at right now than Rio Grande?

  by glennk419
Tuckahoe has more capacity than in the past but I'm not sure it's enough for everything that's at Rio Grande. I spoke with a CMSL employee a couple weeks ago who said there was a concerted effort to get all of the rolling stock out of RG ASAP, and this was before the fire. He also said that the neighbors in Tuck were much more accommodating than further south and were even "keeping an eye on things". I would imagine that all of the RDC's and the Tempel would need to have some brake maintenance at a minimum before they can be moved, not sure how roadworthy some of the other cars are. I hate to see all of Tony's and others' efforts to preserve and operate this equipment be destroyed by a few who have no regard for anything.

Another issue that could affect Tuckahoe capacity is the occasional storage of tank cars which helps to provide some revenue. I also don't know if the Circus Train will be coming down again but, if so, space will be needed for that as well.

  by glennk419
Does anyone know which equipment was damaged by this fire?