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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by lv414
I tried to go on the site but it says CLOSED due to unpaid bills. Anyone knows what this means.

  by glennk419
The site was up and running just yesterday. Probably a clerical error, that is a VERY nasty way for the hosting service to treat their subscribers, I'd be looking for a NEW webhost. Looks like the service is something called 'homestead.com".

  by Fungool51
the site did not say closed due to unpaid bills. they were updating the site. knock it off.

  by glennk419
Fungool51 wrote:the site did not say closed due to unpaid bills. they were updating the site. knock it off.
With ALL due respect sir, I know what I saw and was ready to give Tony a call myself. I blame it all on the web hosting company and not CMSL. I even suspected that the site might have been hacked so RELAX!

IF the site was in fact being updated, then they owe CMSL an apology AND a disclaimer. If I were a prospective customer, I would have been very dismayed by a bright red screen stating "Closed due to unpaid bills"!

As of this posting, the site is again alive and well!

  by Launcher

  by glennk419
Launcher wrote:link???

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  by nickrapak
No, it's not anymore.

  by glennk419
Sadly, I noticed that the sight is down again today. The message says it's been disabled, I'm hoping it's just being updated.

  by themallard
Hopefully that means they're updating the site with some more information.

  by lv414
Looks like somebody didn't pay there bill again. Any word when Thomas will be down there this year. Haven't been able to get down there to pick up the new timetable for 2006 yet. Roger D.

  by glennk419
Whatever's going on, at least the web hosting company is a little more professional this time around.

  by George W. Rosenzweig
In regard to the CMSL website, I recently spoke with a CMSL employee, who advised that the Web site is being overhauled and redesigned...that's all there is to it!

  by chuchubob
Thomas will not operate on CMSL in 2006.

  by glennk419
chuchubob wrote:Thomas will not operate on CMSL in 2006.
That's disappointing news, I thought these trips were well patronized. It looks like the closest they'll be running this year is Strasburg. http://www.ticketweb.com/thomas.html

Sorry to stray O/T.

  by glennk419
The CMSL is a classy operation and I wish them and Tony nothing but the best. I've ridden and enjoyed this railraod every year it's been running and hope to continue that practice well into the future.

I have a bad feeling that there are a few people out there who are taking delight in whatever may (or may not) be going on, and only post when there's something negative in the air.